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  1. Tuesday is their litmus test. The manner is which we lost yesterday was the most frustrating part. Nothing would ease any potential confidence wobble more effectively than a European win under the floodlights in front of packed Ibrox.
  2. More chance of The Super League making a comeback.
  3. Shame on every single one of them.
  4. It's the simplicity that I love.
  5. Well, it all sounds like it's going tremendously well with little to no confusion whatsoever. Splendid.
  6. It's a heavy weight to put upon anyone's shoulders but I can't help feeling the same way.
  7. That's it off now. Definitely still working their way through them.
  8. My card details remain the same as last season. No payment taken.
  9. Quite incredible that two clubs in the second cash richest city in UK, and a club in the oil capital of Europe, never found mass investment from anyone interested in taking on a football club. Fuck them, anyway.
  10. Stunning and brave. Not embarrassing at all, lads.
  11. You've a title party to attend when this is all over, gaffer. We'll see you there.
  12. Unashamedly tired and emotional yesterday. Still dying. I hope everyone on here had a suitably debauched afternoon and evening. We are, as ever and always, the people.
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