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  1. Complete and utter brainless cunts.
  2. "I don't think it was a push. It seemed like a tangle of legs. Definite contact." Literally just making it up, now.
  3. Grounds for null and void, imo.
  4. Goram Stevens Weir Andrews Papac Naismith Ricksen Davis McCann R.Wallace McCoist
  5. Never had a chance to see him play at Ibrox but I cannot ever watch too much footage of Tommy McLean. An unbelievable player.
  6. Mate, who are you going to believe? The SFA, or your own lying eyes?
  7. Can't find Ajeti not guilty and Roofe guilty on the same day, so just postpone Roofe's verdict until tomorrow. Simples.
  8. You're going to need a bigger boat.
  9. Surprised it took so long, tbh.
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