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  1. "I don't think it was a push. It seemed like a tangle of legs. Definite contact." Literally just making it up, now.
  2. They won't get Benitez. Truth is, they were lucky to get Rodgers. BR had blotted his copybook at Liverpool in the eyes of the EPL media. He'd become something of a figure of fun. Celtic was an ideal launchpad to restart his career. He probably thought he'd bide his time in the hope a top 6 Championship team came knocking, and he'd get back into the EPL via that route. All while making a small personal fortune in the process. As soon as he caught whiff of a ready-made EPL outfit being interested in his services, he was fucking offski. Rafa has nothing to prove to anyone
  3. Kerrydale Street latest: We won't get Rafa because we won't ask him but, if we did ask him, he'd definitely come. The only thing stopping Benitez becoming manager is the board's lack of ambition. -------------------------- Aye, lads. That's all that's stopping him. Fucking hell...
  4. "And the helicopter is changing direction!"

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