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  1. I don't know how to stop that use L2 to shield the ball as you get it and you might get a free kick, refs are terrible this year though.
  2. Fair enough it's the only mode I play.
  3. Fair enough I hate seasons but enjoy it mate.
  4. That's the reason it will take time to get used to. Also you need good defensive stats blocking and interception but the higher they are the more insane the blocks will be as well.
  5. Yeah they will go to the maximum allowed AI online for you that's how the AI makes the crazy blocks for people and not you.
  6. Crossing is set to manual this year so you'll have to change it if you can't get used to it. Crossing is very OP though so learn it.
  7. Didn't he score from right back agaisnt them?
  8. They are becoming common as fuck. Don't get one if you don't have a lot of time to give to it especially as a pup as it will get out of control quickly and that size makes it a risk.
  9. Watched this yesterday and it brought a tear to my eye. What a woman Tiny is.
  10. Turn up the difficulty setting as it improves your players AI there is a reason pros play on Legendary. Other than that learn to just run into people rather than trying to tackle them.
  11. I am confident but nervous at the same time I feel so fucking sick but The Battle Fever is on. 1-0 Tav from open play will do me.
  12. Keep the ball ffs. Don't be afraid to play backwards and don't worry what the opponents think of you just win the game.
  13. Into these animals today Rangers put them to the sword and get them back in their place permanently. TFOWDYGH?
  14. I know imagine thinking Xavi is anywhere near as good as Steven Davis.
  15. A few of them will end up there from skelping bernadette around but fuck them.
  16. I am completely confident we are going to put the filthy fucking mick fucks where they belong.
  17. Welbeck wasn't released until after the window shut he can't play again until the start of the next window.
  18. Sell and build a better all round team depending on your current team. No point having a Kante if your best other player is someone shite.
  19. Enjoy it mate build a great team and have fun.
  20. In a pre order pack or at all?
  21. In it's current state it is the best fifa in years aside from the two weeks of 19 when everyone was scoring the crazy volleys from anywhere, that was a fun time. The menus are horrible in UT though as well as some new weird glitches.
  22. I don't like vinegar at all. Lol fair enough.
  23. I don't like salt and vinegar much but the chilli ones are the business. Because of the light bar you had.
  24. They are the best crisps about you formerly fat fuck.
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