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  1. It was only out for 10 hours he looks good I haven't tried him out yet though.
  2. That's fucking ridiculous they have been allowed to reschedule a game at their convenience. Force them to forfeit then apologize to the effected kids with a compensation pay out then shut the cesspit down permanently. That seems fair to me.
  3. When he shows something other than an admittedly good volley against Motherwell I will otherwise I'm correct.
  4. It was reported online I think it was wrestlelamia but I can't remember where I seen it. Why can he do cameo and not Paige or the New Day etc if he's under contact?
  5. I seen it reported that he rejected the legends deal and has licenced himself for games etc but wants nothing to do with the overall company. Hell he makes a grand to sit down and record a couple of seconds video clip no wonder cameo is a great option for him.
  6. Itten is shite at the moment he might well improve but not much with the minutes and positions he's playing for us and isn't good enough to force his way to any better. I doubt we will see any profit from itten he doesn't look good at all.
  7. We have 3 left backs then which means Glenn could take Andys versatile spot on the squad from last year. All of our fullbacks are basically wingers.
  8. Can't use him in the silver objectives. I use a back 3 as Tavs base card isn't usable either.
  9. Both young kids were excellent aside from one shaky moment from King where he let someone run off him but he did well. I was happy to see young Middleton get game time he is someone I have high hopes for though I don't see him as a left back going forward.
  10. I suspect the undertaker wanted to do cameo etc and make a fortune from that and had to be gone from the company before he started.
  11. Could argue Kamberi would have given us the same as Itten for much cheaper.
  12. The notes say the cards have been fixed but doesn't mean something else doesn't get broken in the mean time. I packed Mane from on in the first week and built my squad from that do the sbcs they will work out in the long run.
  13. There's supposed to be a patch on Tuesday for consoles to fix that thankfully. There's a lot of coins to be made doing them.
  14. Yes but everyone is on perfect chem for both. Don't teach your dad to suck eggs.
  15. He's already got 100 chem it won't change anything now. Crosses are a far better option now than last year.
  16. They were a different issue they had Legend deals that they didn't renew not active playing deals.
  17. I don't know what will happen likely it will mean nothing but some more money goes to multi millionaires. Worst case is we go back to the fake names for those that complain.
  18. It seems to centre around FIFPRO which will have issues for FM as well as that's who they use. It's an interesting time coming up for fifa with the lootboxes and this issue. I won 1-0 yesterday with a last minute penalty.
  19. It was the best fifa they had released this generation of consoles but it's been patched to fuck and is no where near as good now.
  20. Best tradable was Mane who was sold as I hated him. Untradeable has been mid Stoichkov.
  21. The Portuguese guy at Man Utd under fergie was a disaster when he went alone Quirez I think his name is.
  22. Sorry about your news but we've been good without getting out of first gear.
  23. They aren't great reading but a couple of million loss isn't good but we could sell a couple of players to cover for it and better yet qualify for the champions league as title winners and it's even better.
  24. I'm fairly certain it was changed to that during the break for lockdown I've been wrong before but not often.
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