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  1. For those awaiting emails this is what Rangers say regarding payments etc: Ticket prices for the South & North Stands are £35 for adults and £15 for concessions and West stand adults are £25 and £10 for concessions. Payment for your ticket can be made from Wednesday 4 May until Sunday 8 May and can be made via the Ticket Hotline on 0871 702 1972 (Option 1, calls cost 13ppm plus network extras), online at www.rangers.co.uk or in person at the Rangers Ticket Centre during normal opening hours. Please be aware that you must select either ‘Special Delivery’ or ‘hold for collection’ when
  2. As the title says I've just got off a train in Berlin. Anyone out there know anywhere to watch the match tonight? Staying near checkpoint Charlie. Cheers in advance!
  3. Problem solved. For some reason my email address had a different account to my ST number. Logged in with ST number and it was there. Cheers for the help.
  4. I'm a ST holder and have been trying to get my ticket sorted for next Sunday. According to the email: Tickets go on general sale from 2pm today (Thursday, May 7) and season-ticket holders can purchase their own seats until Sunday, May 10. Bar 72 and Section MLF season-ticket holders should note smartcards for this match will be activated automatically. Tickets will be available from the following sales channels: Online from www.rangers.co.uk Ticket hotline – 0871 702 1972. (Calls cost 10ppm plus network extras.) Rangers Ticket Centre. I sit in CF2 so from that it would suggest i need to ord
  5. ahhh extortion is the word!!! I bow to your superior knowledge of the queens English
  6. not wanting to get too pedantic here but is this not bribery rather than blackmail ????
  7. Novo's hands up in the air on the road to Manchester Ally's almost crying with joy on his knees against them Any of Darcheville's salute things Amato's "love" arrows The team after Novo's winning penalty in Italy Happy times (In no particular order btw)
  8. Wattereus Andrews Boumsong Weir Latapy Rino Thern Hemdani Aluko Prso Wallace/Darch What a team
  9. I think people are forgetting the golden rule in Scotland that anything associated with Rangers is bad and everyone else can do no wrong. I have a feeling the SFA will help Dunfermline as they can come up with the excuse it's the SFL helping them whereas the SPL dingied us. I agree that consistency needs to prevail but 2 wrongs don’t make a right. What I would actually prefer is for the SFA or whoever to help Dunfermline out like a governing body should but at the same time apologise to Rangers, the staff and all the fans for their anti Rangers agenda. Won't hold my breath though.....
  10. I can't remember where I heard it, but he wasn't in the squad for the Annan game as his Dad (or someone had died). Had a look on google for some details but can't find anything. No idea why he hasn't been given a chance other than that sub appearance since he's been back though. I'm sure he will get game time on Saturday given our diminished forward line but no doubt we will have to endure 90 mins of a thriulling Sandaza McCulloch "partnership".
  11. i think charlie boy would no doubt ask for a shit load of monies and say well take it or leave it. then make it known to everyone that the sfa payed through the nose to host a cup final at such a great stadium. all the stupid spl teams would be bitching. would be great haha.
  12. Although i love the rangers and everything that goes with the team/culture etc i can accept players need their space away from the fans. i just heard about boca, and have just seen his interview on ssn. what i want to know is how do random people like myself and 90% of the other people out there have a means of contacting players (i.e. bocanegra) to experss how much they mean/t to me and im sure lot of othe fans out there. boca is away and says he wants to come back. whether he does or not i stil want him to know that i consider him a hero and a rangers leader. something that only a selcet fe
  13. i feel if we officially made an offer for tempelton the tims would come sniffing just to get one over on us. on the issue of ally not flooding our line up with youth i have a possible answer: perry will play 20+ games this season (not based on the berwick game), mckay and mcloed have been impressive and will no doubt play 20+ games also, depending on who we bring in i can see crawford and hegarty maybe getting 10+ games. not over the top but thats 4 or 5 players i can see being first team regulars over the next 5 years with other players maybe getting chances off the bench, injury and team p
  14. i dont have the honour of having a son but if i ever do have a child then they will know being a ranger is a birth right, not a choice. and hopefully i can give him/her the same feeling of love and admiration as my dad gave me when i went to my first game with him.
  15. im surprised someone who has had to retire due to medical advice is allowed to play 5 a side. still its great news for Fab though .
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