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  1. Remember they bstds put a tricolour on the city chambers last season
  2. Yes 100% enjoy SG when we can stopping their 9 and three quarters was the main thing👍🇬🇧
  3. Coming into this late, if we win the title🤔 will you be getting medals commissioned for this #stillkeepingthelidonit
  4. Remember they Arab Tarrier bstds jumping up and down listening to their radios when the Tarriers had scored never forget that
  5. Ally Ally Ally shut yer mooth 👍
  6. If Livingston take 4 points from the 6 on offer, it’s all over and it is not beyond them
  7. Good point depending on the opponent’s accepting our proposal
  8. Watch this unfold SPFL next to be paused (my arse) then proceed to Null & Void the dark forces are at work
  9. Totally agree this was a 6 pointer today especially as they only seem to play against us, Onwards and upwards #liveitup
  10. Our response was “we will not be found wanting” a lot good that did🤔
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