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  1. I think it was mate a very underrated player or might be me🙄
  2. Rangers v Dunfermline 1968 Orjan Perrson scored two goals I was 7 years of age remember getting asked did I want a glossy team group photo or one of John Greig, needless to say John Greig was my favourite player and still is👍
  3. This is a true account and a flashback to how thousands of ‘wee boys’ myself included lived for Rangers,Rangers and Rangers. I was 10 years of age and went to all home games then, apart from against ‘them’ my Mum wouldn’t let me go “to much trouble” she said I listened to the game on the radio with my Dad and younger brothers. It was a really foggy miserable day and after the game the news started to trickle through remember our house being numb and my Dad in tears it is as raw today as it was 50 years ago.
  4. 100% this is the same squad as last year and for want of another word they “bottled” it last season which is not a word that sits easy with Rangers
  5. By all accounts she played with the Dennistoun Rangers acc band Also on the “Who do you think you are” she mentioned her family were in the Order
  6. Remember it well even could’ve got a draw against them and get a draw v Hibs on the Saturday if I remember right Fkn sick leaving that shithole that night
  7. He is a dud and his lack of bottle is spread right throughout the team. It is the league or nothing this season
  8. Bought JM house in bridge of Allan which is her a wee bolt her for her bird Nationality still under debate🤔
  9. Ffs hope she isnae🥺 is the wee bird in Bridge of Allan no daein it for the Tartan Pigmy anymore😉
  10. Probally SRobertson directive
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