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  1. Hello Bears, In answer to your question we played Arsenal at Ibrox and the prices were reduced to reflect a charge of a 100 years ago at the time. First time I got in the Main stand it cost 5p a lot for a twelve year old then. Also the Centenary stand was open now the Govan known then as the Derry. A crowd of 71,000 turned up for a midweek match we were beat 2-0 still got the programme somewhere in our loft. Hope this helps :chopometer:
  2. Hope I'm wrong but like a few other posts Dutd & Scum last weekend and our display v Scum New Year's day nothing short of a disgrace. As I said hope I'm wrong :chopometer:
  3. Hello Bears, Unsure if this is true but according to another Rangers Forum Strathclyde's finest have stated they are to make the club sectarian free and will be monitoring it if they don't comply licence revoked. Don't shoot the messenger but if it's right they can get their arses down to the Gallowgate Bairds etc and the likes and monitor them. :chopometer:
  4. Hello Bears, Does anybody know where you can get the back of your Rangers top printed with the words you want. Went into Rangers megastore at Ibrox wanting printed on the back WALTER SMITH 1 TRUE LEGEND b%%stards wouldn't do it. WTF is going on help please bears
  5. Don't think the man has lost the passion when he ordered the whole team in on the Monday after that unforgiveable 3-0 gubbin against that vermin I would have stopped their F##kin wages they were a disgrace. Wednesday they were up for it even down to 10 men. Walter has steadied the ship since he has came back we were being knocked out the League Cup with St Johnstone @ Ibrox out the Scottish by Dunfermilne the League was long gone. We were rudderless has had the Banks breathing down his neck resources none we are still in 3 comps and this so called we diddy cup (League Cup) on 20/3/11 against
  6. An auld yin here we did get about a third of the jungle and the main stand and the whole Rangers end. Was in the jungle when Alex Miller scored fom a Willie Johnston throw in last minute from about 18 to 20 yards we won 2-1. Think it was 1980 & 74 colin jackson & ian macdougall both winning goals scored at the Rangers end on the two occasions remember being at the corner of the jungle. Bonkers
  7. Well Said, Rab you sound as sick as I am a total disgrace to the blue jersey and to Rangers Football Club and us as supporters. Dock their money if we performed like that at work we would be sacked no wonder McCoist couldn't look them in the eye when they come of the park. What about perfomance related pay? We would give it all if we were in their postion play for pride not the money
  8. The only disrespect to the memory of the ones who were injured and lost their lives in 1971 were the ones playing in blue jerseys yesterday a bloody disgrace. No fight nothing but contempt for the Rangers supporters who were in attendance a total shambles. The 40th anniversary will always be remembered by the minutes silence,tributes & score Rangers 0 Scum 2
  9. Hello Bears A wee answer that I think might be of use I stayed in Birmingham for about 12 years and went to see BCFC. In my experience working in the Building Trade and worked in different parts of the city a large part of the Southern Irish(which there is a lot of)favoured AVFC not that I'm saying there were no prods followed AVFC but the majority of punters I met followed followed the Blues and had Rangers Leanings. The Blues have Scottish links like Villa when I was young growing up in Springburn AVFC sponsored Possil Boys Club there kit was Claret & Blue. But the Blues have an anthem l
  10. Hello All Bears, On the subject of WATP I have always understood the reference to be biblical as previously stated Ps95V7 (my username)reasoning behind it comes from our Protestant Heritage. We used to hold Boys Brigade rallies, Orange Order used to hold church parades to Ibrox also if my memory serves me right our programmes in the sixties had on the front or back printed WE ARE THE PEOPLE. We have always considered ourselves as a cut above the the rest hence We Are The People these are only my thoughts and I have a old single(vynil 45) in the house titled WATP. The debate will go on and on b
  11. Hello All Born in Glasgow (Springburn) moved to Birmingham now living in Arbroath Don't ask
  12. Hello Fellow Bears, A wee bit of negativity flying about which is understandable and a few swipes at Walter & co. Letting Boyd go (he wanted to go)he was offered more cash by all accounts. Novo(didn't want to go)offered a one year deal not enough for the wee man a great pity. Thomson due to the Financial situation all in all Walter's hands are tied but give the guy a bit of credit. In season 06-07 when he Walter & co were enticed back to steady the ship We were dumped out the league Cup by St Johnstone @ Ibrox (LeGuen in charge) Dumped out the Scottish Cup by Dunfermilne @ East End p
  13. Hello Fellow Bears, Used to support Scotland mid seventies was at Hampden 110,000 on a Wednesday night beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 a great night qualified to go too Germany. Supported when we got too Argentina enough said but stopped supporting them probally after the Euro Championship in England. Now I have no time for Scotland the so called Tartan Army turn my guts nothing but SNP racists. They condemn the National Anthem/Rangers and anything associated with our club. Anything positive that Scotland acheives whatever sport or otherwise is hijacked by the Scottish Nazi Party SNP Salmond & S
  14. ps95v7

    New DVD

    Hello Bears, I watched new DVD over weekend 2 and a half hours long (aoplogise for symbolism 2 & 1/2) but thought it was good viewing especially wee Novo's interview HA HA Samaras and his Union jack Jacket class. Also the PIGEON makes a cameo appearance in the League Cup final brilliant some winger. roll on 3 in a row WATP
  15. ps95v7


    hello fellow bears, Reading all the doom & gloom about our champions and the financial state. I've still not renewed my season ticket because would hate for the greedy bankers to grab our money and contribute to Walter & co leaving. He is the best that I've seen a lifetime span which has seen Waddell,Walllace,Greig,Souness,McLeish i know they were different but Oor Walter is a different class. I AM IN SOME DILEMMA
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