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  1. Humza will be tweeting soon as he peels his face of the marble after crashing his scooter
  2. Ah well I'm sure 4 lads had a dream will be sung loud and proud tomorrow at ibrox
  3. Offended by piano notes to the tune 4 lads had a dream. My god we live in a absolute shit hole.
  4. Was talking to my brother in law about this man City first real big signing was robinho in 2008 won there first premier league in 2012 even that was a last min goal by aguero
  5. They'll sign some greedy bastard that's past his best
  6. Also it's not really realistic as I have done the player career mode and Gerrard makes subs at half time.
  7. No played fifa in like 15 years, Computer recommended professional difficulty.
  8. Ah the classic "the language used about ruining a career because we don't know what he is thinking" What a load of Bullshit done it 3 times to our players,any professional footballer knows about that kind of tackle, they're winning at the time Can't use anger frustration just went out to injure.
  9. I've actually stopped going into the match threads till after the score much better experience
  10. Great day beating those spoon burners from the east
  11. @Essandoh I'll have the lottery numbers for Tuesday mate Thanks
  12. Kids booing a player that was racially abused by their rivals.
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