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  1. Abandoning a sinking ship like rhats.
  2. Just downloading warzone again ps4 is fixed now thank fuck had to talk to my wife for the past 2 nights
  3. Great game today 5 different players on the score sheet onwards to the title.
  4. I think he has a rough idea but doesn't generally know what he's going too experience when we lift this title, the bottled up raw emotion of nearly 10 years of hurt. Also shuts up the majority of pundits that put him down even though he has raised the scottish game up.
  5. Quote of the video that we won 9 in a row by not paying our tax
  6. Talking to the wife about it let her hear the phone call and my phone went and she said "its probably Frank"
  7. Newcastle,london and new york up there with trotters independent traders
  8. Frank calling any cunt who will listen
  9. I thought you liked pegging 😂
  10. Kevin and neil lennon buy the same tin foil for their hats
  11. Cunts wanting free stuff cause they won trebles a taig to the core
  12. Not missing the taig bastard tonight
  13. tlb press conference in a nutshull
  14. sRcFoCt

    Ryan Kent

    Maybe cause we spent 7m on him and up here thats crazy money
  15. sRcFoCt

    Ryan Kent

    Forgot about Capucho and just had a flash back
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