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  1. The Russians don't look the same since they got their doping labs shut down.
  2. I thought he was dead when the defib was on my wife was greeting sat there with my hand over my mouth and had to ask my 8 year old to go upstairs
  3. Stumbled mate then just hit the deck and was fitting with no life in his eyes.
  4. Its a fantastic thing to have i was a lifeguard when i was 16 for 5 years got taught CPR never used it but my dad is a first aider and had to do it on his pal
  5. Defibs should be made available in every main street in Britain
  6. Thank fuck, was just saying to the wife your watching a professional athlete super fit collapse with what looks like a fit or a heart condition and I'm sitting on the couch eating a chip shop scares the shit out of you
  7. Didn't need to see that shocking from the bbc. Hope he pulls through this.
  8. It is like north Korea in this country constantly told the world is on fire and here we are watching fans in a stadium with beers and having fun
  9. Don't care about international football when its during the season but see in the summer its brilliant
  10. Not superscore board related but on clyde 1 just heard an advert saying that they showing their support for Scotland that says "ryan christie knows the route to goal...." my genuine reaction
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