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  1. If anyone is with EE
  2. Just replace isotopes with there name and this will be shouted from the stands soon J7NHjB.mp4
  3. You can register for a code when they drop you get your code through your account page when they drop and you'll get one mate
  4. You with bt or got a family friend with bt I got one through them
  5. Not a dying company they just put all effort and energy into the Premier league
  6. Don't sit through the match thread it will not cheer you up
  7. Plays for the republic of Ireland even though he's scottish like a wet dream for them
  8. Proof that they like to sign a certain type of player from a certain country to keep the hordes happy
  9. I'll ask him tomorrow if I see him
  10. Fans "need to stand up to these people that bad mouth our club. Ban two arseholes from ibrox. Same fans "bit much that" Some are there own worst enemies
  11. Going to try it at the weekend getting fed up with the bitching
  12. Yet there was people on the match thread last night happy with Kent injured. Match threads have became tragic
  13. Need to nuke all top football associations in Scotland and start again
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