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  1. Not superscore board related but on clyde 1 just heard an advert saying that they showing their support for Scotland that says "ryan christie knows the route to goal...." my genuine reaction
  2. Nothing screams more "you're the man for the job" like a 12 month rolling contract.
  3. I think its accurate mate managers in other leagues are given a select amount of time (not long) this guy is coming to a city where he will be asked after 2 defeats "are you under pressure" he's got no idea whats gonna hit him.
  4. Glasgow as a football city is like no where else on earth, you are 2 defeats away from a catastrophe and this cunt can't handle pressure. He will crack like a chocolate egg in a fat kids hand. What a time to be alive.
  5. Was shay logan not racially abuse by taigs players or fans and it was glossed over by our media
  6. Have you read the internet lately they seem to think they're in inception where it's a nightmare within a nightmare within a nightmare Losing the 8 & 3/4 Then Howe not signing Too crocodile dundee and Kevin Muscat managing them. Glorious.
  7. They increased the teams and they just made it through with the skin of there teeth
  8. Just tuned into see if Patterson got a start its o'donnell Naw yer alright back on the PS
  9. They really are Tartan fannies Finding it hard to get to london 😂😂 Fuck sake about 400 mile from Glasgow and about 7hrs in a car Cunts making it out like its in Australia
  10. Just donated £20 mate i wish you all the best 👍
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