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  1. Is D'art the man with the briefcase on the Monifieth bus?
  2. If it comes down to it and they don't let us in, I think we should all ask Uefa to re-evaluate the co-efficient points allocated to Scotland that were earned by Rangers ... all in the name of integrity. We wouldn't want the SPLs moral crusaders to have any unfair advantages now would we
  3. Gers Forum Do The Bouncy Rangers Online Loyal
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    I think this may be part of the problem. Whyte has already said he wants to draw a line in the sand once the verdict has been reached. If we win, they will appeal which will basically mean going around in circles again, if we win the appeal HMRC will appeal again and again. If we lose the case and get a lowish bill (£5 - 10 Mill) then it gets paid, admin doesnt happen and we win 4IAR but again , the saga is over. If we lose and get a massive bill then we are probably fucked. From what Whyte has been saying, HMRC have been near on impossible to negotiate with so threatening them with us potent
  5. That was before Sion were deducted 36 points and there was motive for staying there. A short term move could be beneficial for him
  6. He never got leathered, there was a big misunderstanding that he got caught up in and it all got sorted out fairly quickly. Whoever called him a bawbag clearly doesn't know him either as Freds a spot on guy. Funnily enough I used to sit in SE4 of the EE near santa and all he really does is come in late, stick his fingers up at the away end , mumble incoherently and fucks off early (probably why you dont see him).
  7. Were they targeting a specific fan? Apart from the guy from EK (so it is) there weren't many local accents!
  8. I've seen kids in there before although it can get a bit too busy. Why not try the Black Bull just 5 mins away in the Grassmarket.
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