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  1. This is when it gets to the level of criticism for the sake of criticism.
  2. Because I could feel it at 50 mins. They were getting more possessionijn, we were getting less, and they were starting to look more confident and dangerous, whereas the wee mistakes we start to make when we lose it had begun to creep in. Remember saying it at about 55 mins.
  3. Don't necessarily agree with he subs made, but I don't think they took our momentum either. We'd been steadily losing that and Hearts gaining it since the start of the half.
  4. I fear half the forum won't know who the guy in the Pyjamas is.
  5. Not after that second half. Sounds ballpark right to me tbh.
  6. Think he's going from a stellar season by his standards to an average one, thus far. Still rather be seeing him between the sticks than McLaughlin. He had several top saves today, and before the 90th minute was having a Stormer, reminiscent of last season. Not sure I'd give up on the chance of getting that back because of one howler.
  7. Do we need angry Morelos back? Is he one of those temperamental players that needs to be angry to be at his best? Don't remember the last time I saw that one side of the mouth snarl, and he's not a problem for referees any more. I want to see that growl back. Would take a suspension or two a season if it meant he had that spark again. I don't think he's been terrible this season or late last season, I just feel he's missing a bit of what makes Alfie Alfie.
  8. Olympiakos v Panathinaikos probably. Grecophile n'at, no?
  9. I sense a rather loud rendition of 4LHAD early doors tomorrow.
  10. Some comments on Twitter lol... Celtic fans shouldn't be using HH given the meaning once ascribed to that. Disgusting that they do tbh. Michael? What say ye?
  11. The tune has been used by countless fan bases over the years for countless little chants. It's one of the basic football chant tunes in this country. This idea that it is now inextricably linked to the famine song is manufactured offendedness. It will be sung to other lyrics in the future and nobody will care because they won't try to be offended by it.
  12. Clearly that's true. Doesn't mean there aren't things we shouldn't sing.
  13. We should be stopping certain songs but this won't stop either.
  14. It's hard to do it well. Many don't do it well.
  15. For all the criticism he gets, the dude is good at calling these things out on twitter.
  16. A fucking song about four ordinary young lads starting a football team from nothing. This is what Stewart and the likes have suggested in the past that Rangers fans should be singing instead of 'political' or sectarian stuff. So where are we as Rangers fans supposed to go from here? Not even allowed pleasant little stories about our beginnings now without bizarre racist outrage and thinly veiled suggestions that we died from figures in respected positions? Racism is a tool to these people when used like this.
  17. This is no less than a coordinated prejudicial attack on a group of people based on lies. It's very, very scummy and sinister.
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