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  1. Denya 2... In RM noone can hear you scream.
  2. It's pretty obvious Bronzy was told upon his return that he was only allowed back if he tuned it down a bit. Had to find other ways of entertaining himself, and so were born these types of character.
  3. Father in Law was in Barcelona back in the day, and lived to see Pedro, but not Stevie G. Fucking shame when I think what he's missing. Same for @*Manticore*. Fine fellow and wish he was on the forum now.
  4. Don't think the players should be encouraging the mass Covid breaching tbph.
  5. That's tremendous. Tragic story, but fantastic he's being remembered properly.
  6. Try... they saw Lampard fail at Chelsea and thought 'let's not go for our club legend prematurely'. That's the straw I like to clutch at.
  7. Another match with no shots on target. Greegs doesn't get worked enough week on week to be POTY.
  8. Goldson and Helander aren't exactly coming on the back of Franco Baresi either btw.
  9. In the Scottish League. Kyrgiakos proved himself at a much higher level. Basically a similarly solid backline for Greece at international level as well as good spells in the Bundesliga and EPL. There're loads of reasons a team doesn't lose goals. With this one, it's as much how we're set up by the coaching team as anything. Much as I like McLeish, this management team are far better, technically. That's why a straight stats comparison doesn't work. Having watched Kyrgiakos, I'd put him at least as good as our CBs now. Easily.
  10. Yip. Can visualise it now, with his wee bangle thing on his wrist.
  11. Yip. He was a better player than Balogun and would be in the mix with Helander and Goldson. Better player than generally is remembered as imo. Mind he was a stalwart of a defensively fantastic Greek team at the time. A team that won the Euros on the back of being solid at the back. He had 65 odd caps for that outfit. Hugely solid CB.
  12. Think one or two would be in with a shout. Particularly think Kyrgiakos would be in with a good shout of a first team spot now.
  13. The Prso injury thing seems debatable too. Think maybe folk remember him as being prone because he carried and played with the knee issue. Averaged 41 games a season for us, though. Played well in each season, but struggled to win anything latterly in a faltering Rangers team.
  14. Yeah, I mentioned Johnston and Hateley only because I'd moved on to talking about best strikers in my lifetime in my first post. Prso did have a tough time with injuries and Jelavic wasn't here long, that's true. But I'm only talking about how good as footballer each was when they played for us. As things stand, Morelos is more of a 'great' than Jelavic because he's done more for the club. He means more to us. Wee bit to go before he overtakes the others. Mols I regard as similar to Durrant. In that I think he was unbelievable before his injury, but folk do him a bit of a disservice
  15. They're all better players imo. Morelos benefits from being in the now, but I don't think he's at the level of the others mentioned. They all did it at a higher level than Morelos as well as things stand, more often against better teams and players. Mo Johnston was more than just a penalty box striker btw. Does him a disservice. Regardless, for me he was better at what he did than Morelos is at what he does. So far. On Prso, more I think about, the less I'd class him a striker tbh. More often played deeper and/or wider in the forward roles. Brilliant player, though.
  16. In my lifetime I'd have a whole bunch of strikers as better than Alfie. McCoist, Johnston, Hateley, Mols, Prso and Jelavic probably. Feels like I'm putting him down by saying that, but I'm not. They're all fantastic players and he deserves to be mentioned in their company. Could still overtake some of them.
  17. Quite like Jamie's idea. Would normally choose a Baresi type playing for Rangers for myself, though. But tbh, I just want to be the cunt scoring the goals at the piggery.
  18. Japan, you say? Definitely @bigblueyonder, then.
  19. It's probably @bigblueyonder. Either that or he can arrange to meet @bigblueyonderto confirm his identity.
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