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  1. PM me your name and addrees and I'll check out your family tree RM
  2. Its just to cover the cost of the bus and gives the driver a decent tip!
  3. We run them for games at Hampden - our regulars asked and it seems to help people who aren't regulars on supporters buses get to and from the ground.
  4. Due to popular demand we have added a 2nd bus leaving from The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium to Hampden for The Scottish Cup final on May 21. Each ticket is £5 and is available to purchase online here First Come First Served - The Pub opens at 11am and the bus will be leaving 1.30pm! WATP The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More Than A Pub
  5. I think I was about 7 when my brother took me to Ibrox to see the most famous team in world football, they were playing The Rangers, I had that programme for years and we will always be The Rangers to me
  6. Do you think someone would give me £11k lol
  7. Would you like to meet me, you may find i'm not such a bad guy. Infact you might even like me, most people do. 

    Stop taking things to heart


    1. The Louden Tavern

      The Louden Tavern

      I'm sorry to here about your families personal tragedy but it was said as a bit of tongue in cheek, my son keeps telling me that online is different from real life and I talk online as I do in real life.

      Someone once called me a spazzy, in a joking way. When he found out one of my family was born Spastic, that was the name for it before all this PC crap, he was mortified as I allegedly have this 'reputation.' which is nonsece I'm a business man.

      i explained to him that I only get annoyed with folk that deliberately try to insult me and the lad still comes into my pub.

      Point I'm making is I would not have tried to take the piss out of your username if I knew the circumstances.

      The offer stills stands, if you are in the pub, introduce yourself and I will buy you a pint


    2. The Beast

      The Beast

      Fair enough. We can call it a truce. I still don't want to go to your pub but I'll let the matter lie here.

  8. Cutty was a great player, not as good as Bud but not many were. one of the older players told the story that when we were on a pre season tour, Tam Forsyth was eating his dinner and Cutty strolls by and steals a chip of his plate, Big Tam's goes apeshit and after an argument, Cutty demands big Tam outside. Two of them go outside and Cutty finds out Big Tam is as hard off the pitch as well as on it. Cutty is helped back into the dining room, everything is very quite and tense and Cutty breaks the ice with the immortal line of 'Thank f*ck I never ate his steak' Priceless
  9. Jump on the subway to The Louden Ibrox Stadium, you can get a free roll and a sing song
  10. That's a good one, need to remember that for next year RM
  11. Can I get the same treatment as Cumnock Bear Please RM
  12. I will reveal it to all when it is finalised can you reveal my wee deal just now RM
  13. you said I have a wee deal with the board, can you tell me what is ? I thought not. I have never discussed this at board level but as they are Rangers fans,I have no doubt they will love it RM
  14. And what wee deal is that, the floor is yours RM
  15. That was a hard shift, getting people to buy into it. thought you had killed me from the start
  16. Confession time: April 1st was not my birthday and I have no intention of standing for the Club 1872 Board (and never have). I obviously posted this as an April fool as quite a few of you realised - but as the thread progressed I saw an opportunity to take some of the suggestions and make sure they are given a proper hearing by the working group of Club 1872. I am quite notorious for having a bit of an ego but there is no one who makes fun of me more than myself and do not take myself or online very seriously. I love a joke and a wind-up as anyone who knows me will tell you and I've had great fun having a number of people on the hook who were getting rather upset - so apologies to them . To be honest I was quite taken a back with the support I had and I hope that you will support Club 1872 and elect people who will be able to take it forward. Whether you agree with individuals/groups/clubs etc I hope everyone gives Club 1872 a chance and looks into it in detail before making an informed decision. Thanks! Robert Marshall
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