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  1. Get through this round and a place in the top ten is possible. Amazing stuff. Be easier if they hadn't fucked it most of the last decade.
  2. Aye I couldnae resist that. Ordered.
  3. "They are not even a good team" Up ye Jackie.
  4. It's a good draw. Gutted to miss out on a couple of days in Prague though, love that City.
  5. RTV just started working in time for the 2nd half for me. Hopefully that's it sorted.
  6. If Barkas gets Covid it will be the first thing he has caught all season.
  7. Aye I like that they have different versions to suit everyone. I might give Touch a try this year and see how it goes.
  8. I've always played the full fat version. I like to have control of all the little things, press conferences are a pain in the arse though so I delegate them to Gary Mac and he does a fine enough job.
  9. Same 1st eleven and shape as me. I only drew 3 league games and lost 1 though Same issues with all the massive clubs wanting to buy the whole team but
  10. It's nice to play as Rangers and not need to sign a whole squad đŸ˜‚ Finally everyone is pretty good again.
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