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  1. It's nice to play as Rangers and not need to sign a whole squad 😂 Finally everyone is pretty good again.
  2. My favourite strip. Still got mine and it's in better condition than most modern ones
  3. I thought they might lose at Hearts, watched tonight in hope of a draw rather than expectation. We must do this, this would be the sweetest tasting league win in years.
  4. Klos Porrini Moore Amoruso Numan De Boer Van Bronckhorst Albertz McCann Caniggia Prso
  5. His FC Porto team were the biggest bunch of cheats, divers and time wasters I have ever seen. So I suggest he shuts the fuck up as far as dishonestly winning the Champions League is concerned.
  6. Never liked the man, refused to pick Richard Gough for Scotland because Goughie slagged his wee mate Roxburgh and has since tried to say it was because he felt Hendry was better. Really? Fair enough although I disagree, but was Derek Whyte, Paul Ritchie and Matt Elliott better ya fat bitter wee dick? Never mind Gough, not picking John Brown ahead of those idiots was bad enough. Then didn't take McCoist and McCall to the 98 World Cup favouring Booth and Gemmell. Tosser.
  7. I worked for the Jobcentre for a few years mate, you should be ok unless you get a pure prick of an advisor. It's usually pretty easy to tell the difference between those that are genuinely trying and the ones that are just taking the piss. But like I say you do get the odd torn faced bastard working in there that can't wait to stop peoples ONLY money. Wanks.
  8. Hmm I was gonna say Scott Nisbet but he played 6 games on loan at East Fife apparently, it's an interesting one. There must be a few more.
  9. Sunday 25th March 1984 the day after my 6th birthday, Rangers 3 Celtic 2 in the League Cup Final. It was the day I chose to support Rangers, McCoist scored a hat trick and Coop and Bobby Russell were immense. I was six so I liked the man who scored all the goals and the men the other team couldn't get the ball off of. Since when you are wee you want the ball all the time and to score all the goals it made sense to my wee mind that this was going to be my team. I'm away to watch it on youtube
  10. Hmmm, don't like the idea of this influencing managers. For example, 8 in a row season, Gascoigne is breathing oot his arse against the sheep, but finds a burst of energy to run half the length of the pitch and score. What if these shirts were around eh? Bag of shite if you ask me.
  11. As a few have already stated McGregor is not going anywhere as it's against the transfer rules. Scaremongering, nothing more.
  12. If he actually said those exact words then the supporters trust should sue him for slander on all of our behalfs.
  13. The legs have gone, minus that electric burst of pace he is a pretty average striker.
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