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  1. Lille insisted he be loaned back or deal was off
  2. Courtois Lahm Hummels Silva Alaba Hazard Toure Iniesta Reus Suarez Aguero
  3. It sad to hear he get his dream job an unfortunately had to leave it within the year. Really hope he get well soon as for the next manager Laudrup would be good appointment but Barca are more likely to go for an internal appointment
  4. Cant you make them in fifa menu ?
  5. I looked everywhere and cant find out how to create my virtual pro. I herd ea have only let you make online one and one for career but when career finished your pro wiped , Anyone able to help ?
  6. Be Awesome having Bazza back but do we really need him mean got black an jig
  7. Alonso may have tipped scales in liverpools favour of signing him as well
  8. is he as good as everyone says he is mean i know liverpool and arsenal were after him but he seems to be a flop at real madrid ?
  9. she is in the catwoman missions dn bout batman though
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