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  1. I've just tried to purchase the 3 match pack but its saying sold out, surely not as it's still ST priority
  2. Absolutely outstanding again today. Looks like he's screwed the nut & it's not taken anything out of his game.
  3. I agree it's still not up to the standards it should be but it definitely was an improvement not only defensively but also created a bit more going forward. Now we're out the EL then I'm hoping we stop changing the team every week and get some consistency
  4. Aye saw that mate he quoted me saying you meant McGregor.
  5. They tried to rattle him the night done well to contain his anger
  6. Definitely considering how much game time he's had this season
  7. Aye 13 assists half way through the season for a RB is shocking. He should be on at least 25
  8. Much better performance than the last 2 league games just lacked the killer pass. They didn't have too many clear cut chances either, thought McCrorie put in a decent game.
  9. RTV for me sack paying £10 for Premier sports
  10. Totally agree it's hugely frustrating. We played some really good football on Sunday make a few changes for last night and it's total polar opposite. I'd have played the exact same team as we did on Sunday bar Arfield.
  11. I don't know why he keeps changing one of the CBs for every game. To me you'd want players building up a good relationship especially your CB's so they can work off each other.
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