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  1. Jamesalbertz85 Could maybe get another RM fifa tournament running again?
  2. The Jones fight was a fucking belter! Got to admit i thought he was kind of lucky.
  3. Can't wait to do this tomorrow. Missed the East Fife game so been a while.
  4. Can't wait for Saturday! BF1 will be rocking
  5. Fingers crossed i can renew mines this year. Need to pull a few strings though.
  6. Thought it would be good to have this & make it easier to keep up with the latest transfers. Already we have seen Podolski move to Arsenal also Riccardo Montolivo & Bakaye Traore moving to AC Milan. Fredy Guarin signed for Inter last night aswell 8.8m being reported.
  7. I will get mine tomorrow,forgot all about it the day. Town afterwards?
  8. Can't wait for tomorrow! I'm dying with the cold but fuck it
  9. Glad to see Super mention us McCoist also backed the Rangers support who he feels supported their side well during the disappointing defeat. He said: "They're just as disappointed as we are. They aired their views at half time and at full time, but during the game they keep going. "I know I keep mentioning them, but especially those boys in the Broomloan, they try to raise the spirit of the team and everyone around them."
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