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  1. Excellent win for the Mavs last night @ the lakers. Doncic has been unreal so far
  2. I think my tickets were around $100 each but was pretty high up & almost bang on half court so had a great view. I'd advise heading in early the security checks getting into the stadium are pretty long
  3. I'd go see the Nets if anything, Knicks are absolutely awful although MSG is an experience in itself! But in regards to getting tickets I got tickets real easy for last year v the Bulls
  4. Cheers mate. Thought he was excellent today, boys got some great footwork
  5. Thought Mayo was outstanding today completely strolled it. Who was the number 11 for us? Was it Kennedy?
  6. Aye a saw that mate. I think they'll go for the high draft pick theres no way they'll compete with the likes of the Clippers or Lakers etc this year with missing so many key players. I think the Heat will have a good season, started pretty strong.
  7. Looks like Kai Kennedy had a great game last night, saw his name crop up as one of our biggest prospects for the future.
  8. Outstanding result for the youths, this is probably one of the strongest youth teams we've ever had.
  9. Crazy how much GSW miss Klay Thompson. D'Angelo Russell got ejected too 😂
  10. I've just tried to purchase the 3 match pack but its saying sold out, surely not as it's still ST priority
  11. Wow Warriors got beat last night, genuinely didn't see that coming that's a great result for 76ers
  12. PSV done me for £140 yesterday. Won £200 on Sat with loads of in-play bets withdrew £120 stuck £30 on Barca, PSV and Man City all to score 3 goals or more PSV drew 2-2
  13. Done absolute mince on the weekend league, usually finish on 14-16 wins but finished on like 6, only managed to play 25 of the 30 games.
  14. This is my team so far going to save up for an 84 Robertson at LB unless I pack better than 82. Just sold Van Dyke for 150k coins and bought Aguero.
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