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  1. will it be more like half past for the actual Draw or will they do it sooner
  2. They always make the stewards wear football boots.. Naw that guys just a mongo
  3. Cheers booked into a hotel in Amsterdam 👍
  4. Going Holland for feyenoord but no match ticket. Am I better staying in Amsterdam or Rotterdam?
  5. Charles Manson absolutely murdered their midfield in that second half
  6. http://live.harleyquinnwidget.com/freelivematch/600936010447730.html. if you don't mind watching in Russian haha
  7. http://www.sportingvideo3.com/20180812/wv5b6fd583c51aa707605713-2012156.html that is good
  8. every tweet reply from now till the end of time on american twitter sports pages will be about this if they blow it again lol
  9. ehh no they didn't. this warriors would have been the first. lakers went 15-1 back in 2001
  10. no one person person is going to "cure terrorism" but his following is growing rapidly and he's changing a lot of peoples minds, including myself
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