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  1. Three points but incredibly poor. Hopefully we get a couple of bodies back and folk fit during the break, then pump that mob.
  2. Knee problem apparently. Presumably giving him an injection to play for five minutes on Thursday didn't go well... hopefully won't be going away on internationals at least.
  3. Absolutely, I don't disagree. I'm just skeptical anyone will want him, let alone that we'll be able to get a satisfactory price for him. He's miles off it.
  4. I'd be astonished if Lille, or anyone, came back in for him at those prices given his form. Likewise I can't see us selling him at the last minute unless we have someone lined up and ready to go, given the injury situation with Roofe and Itten. Needs to sort his head out if he stays.
  5. That's fair - undoubtedly we're stretched just now. But our midfield has needed fixed for longer than today or this season though. He's had ample opportunity to bring in a midfielder over a number of windows and hasn't done it.
  6. No. Indeed not. But another manager may have reacted when he was watching our midfield being woefully short of what's required, again. Another manager may have seen that same midfield being short in previous months, and thought about doing something about it. In his entire time here Gerrard hasn't shown that he can change a game when it's needed; hasn't shown he can react to another team changing shape or the like and most importantly, hasn't shown that he can't instill the confidence and mental strength in a team to go on a run, let alone win a title. We are mentally weak and t
  7. Davis and Goldson horrendous there. Davis watching Nisbet stroll past him and Goldson wanting three weeks on the ball.
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