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  1. Far from superb article I would say D'Art. He can't help but trying to tar us with the same tainted brush. We as a Club/institution are not obsessed by them as they are with us.
  2. There was actually......maybe you sneezed and missed it....no film or pictures, just Jackie Bird reporting for a few seconds.
  3. The media coverage of the terrorist suspects has been extremely low key in comparison to the huge cafuffle made over the so called famine song. I can't believe what I'm seeing in this country and sad to say but I'm glad in a way that my parents are no longer here to witness it. Great post Oleg.
  4. Are they not obliged to investigate if a complaint is made?
  5. BP9...can you not see how having a "consistent and alternate opinion" to Rangers fans on a Rangers fans forum seems a bit odd?
  6. ........and singing the hokey cokey like they did last night in the square................not a peep from Kearney about sectarian singing, I wonder why?
  7. Blown out of all proportion to take the shine off a brilliant result.
  8. A good positive result for Ally and the team disnae half flush them out.
  9. Great post D'Art and thanks for the trip down memory lane Ed in your first post. Thank God it's about far more than just the football for the majority. It was the passion from the hearts and souls of these fans that saved our Club.
  10. Straight to the Core D'Art...........of our hearts and souls.....Now, Then, Forever.
  11. I agree and cheeky chappie is just as disrespectful IMO.
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