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  1. A player who has received far, far too much criticism. Outstanding player, captain and champion. Love him.
  2. Can Admin move it please as I posted in here in error. Many thanks
  3. To happy for tears. Fuck tears ­čśŐ­čŹ║
  4. Wrong fucking forum. In a right fucking mess I am.
  5. Thank you so much. Legend forever.
  6. Won't sink in for ages I don't think. I am so happy. Happy beyond reason. Give a medal to DUFC goalkeeper.
  7. Terrible news for at least 2 reasons. 1. He was doing such a great job helping us to win the title. 2. He will now be back on TV as a pundit. Fucking cunt.
  8. All 5 should not play again for us in my opinion, regardless of their talent. It is a matter of trust and they have failed the boss and the club.
  9. Some harsh critics on here. Virtually every player is considered shite and yet we are top of the league and still in Europe. I must be watching different games.
  10. Cant believe the harsh criticism of him. He is a superb player.
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