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  1. Threads like this appear every transfer window. Clubs have to balance the books and even the mighty Barca are struggling. If he stays great, but if he goes then it is at a price that reflects his ability snd potential. £30M.
  2. Three shocking penalties from England. If you cant kick a ball with venom from 12 yards you don't take a penalty.
  3. A few trannies on here celebrating, shocking.
  4. Cockney shite, get the final up north.
  5. If you had a positive thinking manager yes….
  6. Poor from England sine half time, hate thus “the players are tired” shite. They played on Wednesday and it is Sunday.
  7. Poor since half time by England. Need to change things soon.
  8. Look up BT Sport LFC v Bayern YNWA
  9. Indeed, time to ring the changes.
  10. Why does the TV always pick up the blonde female in the crowd? My daughter was all over BT Sports a couple of years back.
  11. But they could have applied for any of the tickets in the ballot but chose not to. If the final was in Rome boot on the other foot.
  12. Big three minutes here.
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