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  1. Whilst that would be extremely enjoyable it would precipitate the sacking of lennon with a new priest ensconced in the pulpit. Players and supporters get a boost and more often than not the team responds and rattles of a few wins. I would prefer popcorn teeth to be given a vote of confidence, and his team to achieve just enough success to keep him in post until the new year when a comprehensive pummeling in the OF will seal his and c***ics fate.
  2. Their board fully sanction the grheen bhrigade. If correct then another example of mob rule.
  3. Out of frying pan into the fire or something like that.
  4. Not seen this VAR decision but sounds like another painful decision by the finest of margins. If it is not clear and obvious on a quick review by VAR then stick with the onfield decision. No need for delay whilst we they micro analyse everything.
  5. Correct. From our angle I don’t give a fuck when they play. They will be as crap on Monday evening as they will be on Saturday afternoon. Just quietly and without fuss focus on our games and win them one at a time.
  6. Let the Bheasts fight amongst themselves at all levels, whilst we quietly move through the gears. Let their worst nightmare play out.
  7. Not seen the game so can’t really comment but would like to see him get some decent game time to getter a proper feel of whether he will be a decent acquisition.
  8. To the tune of Shakin Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone. See who can come up with the best lyrics. Starter for ten: cltic folding, All around us, Bears are singing, having fun, Tis’ the season of Rangers’ latest treble, Merry Christmas, tarrier scum. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=RDN-PyWfVkjZc&feature=share&playnext=1
  9. I think he was talking about cltic. Middleton would be a massive improvement on anything they have.
  10. More than they will ever get inside when it reopens.
  11. Guard of honour for The Champions in front of 50000 Bears. Game will be in 5 months so every chance we will all be there.
  12. He is getting better which means Kent, Morelos and others all benefit from his improvement. All the players are improving; but synergy plays a part as the team gets better, with the collective whole being better than the sum of the constituent parts.
  13. Who is slating fans? He was playing well below his potential as were many others. Stating that he has gone from being ripped to shreds (which he was) to a first choice on the team sheet against the bigger teams is a measure of his improvement.
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