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  1. Indeed, nearly got caught in possession late on as well. Not a happy ship and I have a feeling that Klopp will walk if Liverpool don’t make the top 4. Apparently he is frustrated by the owners refusing to back his request for a new centre back.
  2. Not looked at that, RAWK can be very similar to RM after a bad result, I suppose all teams’ forums are similar. I watched the game and saw two United goals from poor defending and a soft but legitimate free kick that resulted in a good shot that you would expect one of the world’s top keepers to save. An even game that could have gone either way.
  3. Got a good feeling about this one, we have clicked back into form and players are giving management a selection headache. 3-0 to the famous.
  4. Just been on RAWK, there is one guy complaining about the ref saying it wasn’t a foul , the rest tell him to stop moaning and poor defending was the reason for the defeat. Which thread are you looking at?
  5. Didn’t think timothy would implode in such dramatic fashion. I was totally wrong.
  6. Liverpool’s main stand is physically bigger with a new middle and upper tier and a reprofiled lower tier. Overall capacity is about 20500. There is a lot more leg room because current regulations stipulate that new builds should have more space. That being said Liverpool also chose to reprofile the existing lower tier which was very cramped by reducing the capacity of that section by around 2500 We could do similar but at the cost of knocking a few thousand off the capacity. Liverpool’s new main stand is free standing with a red brick facia and a gallery for the upper tier o
  7. El Burrito’s views aside, happy to see that SG is varying the formation. There was a time time when there was a lack of flexibility in SG’s tactics and an inability to use subs in a timely and appropriate manner. Good to see that the management team has made progress on both counts and we are now able to mix things up to get the best out of our players whilst keeping the opposition guessing.
  8. Is this available in blue with “Won’t see” replacing “ Here we go”? If so can I have 50000?
  9. Awesome today, ok he wasn’t exactly tested in his primary role as a defender but can’t fault his goal.
  10. What a luxury to have 5 or 6 candidates to fill our midfield. We are spoilt. Horses for courses and selective rotation. Having Jack back is one hell of a January signing.
  11. Free hit for Ross County, can’t see them sitting deep all game, they will defend robustly but also take the opportunity to get players forward more often than other teams as Ibrox. Expect goals and will go for 4-1 but happy to accept a turgid 1-0 as long as it’s three more points.
  12. Once 55 is in the bag the real work begins. Building a sustainable regime at The Club with a team that can get out of the CL group stages, and win trebles at home. Players will need replacing as they near retirement or are sold on. And most importantly a team that will grind the scum into the ground.
  13. Atrocious from Liverpool, think Klopp has lost it and it is rubbing off on the rest.
  14. Shocking from Liverpool, disciplined and determined from Burnley.
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