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  1. Play the team that will start against them. After a two week break we need cohesion.
  2. After all the banter on this thread have we actually got a new date and time?
  3. I am trying my best to be upbeat but...... ......they are not a good team.... ....still, it only takes “1-0 to the Arsenal”. in the second leg....
  4. How about a bit of a positive attitude? Come on the Gooners! Ahh, you are right, one small problem, Arsenal are shite.
  5. Missed the game and just seen the result, spawny cunts. Come on Arsenal, turn it round in Prague.
  6. Might be worth doing this next time they get the corner, hopefully they will all walk out.
  7. English clubs may be able to accommodate up to 10000 in May, whats the script north of the border?
  8. I agree, especially with the currently depressed market. Is a hypothetical question about our recruitment, development and management. We have massively increased the value of the vast majority of our players and it is whether we could do the same with more expansive recruits. Clearly not going to happen in the current format but who knows what will be happening in a few years time. That’s all the more reason to be winning the league and getting to the last 16 of the CL every season. And why retaining the current squad and working hard to identify quality replacements for
  9. Agree with that selection but really good that we have options. Start strong, take control of the game then ring the changes and give squad players game time.
  10. Not seen todays game but sounds like he has the attitude and the ability to become a really good player. Our management team really have the ability to develop players. Ok there is always the odd duffer. Would live to see whether we can buy £10 million players and turn them into £50 million players. Hopefully that will be a story to tell in 3 or 4 years.
  11. Simple statement but spot on, if this season had gone wrong we can only imagine the fall out.
  12. Not sure Scorlzeh is fit to lace the boots of the other three.
  13. The Olympiakos goal is the best simply because it epitomises his desire and determination to win. I was right behind the line if the ball as it drilled into the goal.
  14. We are really well equipped to do well in the CL and by that I mean making the last 16. That is where we should aim to be every season, one of the top 16 clubs in Europe.
  15. Indeed, very satisfied with the result but can’t remember such a poor Arsenal home performance. Worrying times for The Gooners.
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