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  1. What a day. Early train into Manc for a couple of beers watching us get the better of St Midden. Then on to Old Trafford having to keep quiet seeing as we were in with them. Back home for a few more beers and the highlights of both games. Off tomorrow so making the most of it.
  2. No mate but last parked up there a couple of years ago before Covid.
  3. Try and avoid the double yellow lines and don’t park up near a group of inbreds. That aside we usually park up on Murray Street and never had a problem.
  4. Didn't see any Covid checks, but then again we arrived 5 mins into the game and went straight in.
  5. Ole still there for Sunday. Will be interesting how he sets up to face a team that has scored at least 3 goals in every away game this season.
  6. I would expect us to get 6, but if Lyon deliver we are not out of it with 4.
  7. Still all to play for even after our shocking start. Quite simply we need to beat Brondby tomorrow and get at least a point in Denmark. Lyon could wrap up qualification nice and early if they beat Sparta twice which they are more than capable of. That sets us up for a proper Ibrox night against Sparta and a trip to Lyon to follow with Lyon hopefully playing the reserves.
  8. Well deserved win against a team of whinging play actors. Defensive frailties for Liverpool will need ironing out though. At the end of the day a good away win at a difficult venue.
  9. Hmmmm, better do better for the big game on Sunday. Defence shite.
  10. Done a quick look for this season above. Its after half time where we are really shite.
  11. In all games this season we have conceded 3 goals in the final 30 minutes. (66, 77 and 90). In all games this season we have scored 4 goals in the final 30 minutes. (66, 78, 78 and 90). What is most significant is the 15 minute period after half time. In all games we have conceded 7 goals in this period out which is half of the season’s total. On the scoring front we have managed 6 goals in the same period which is roughly a quarter of all goals scored. So looks like our defence sleepwalks out of the tunnel for the second half. ( quick 10 minute look at the games so may be the odd error). Make of this whatever we want.
  12. Saved us before the mistake and all keepers make mistakes. We should have been over the hill and far away by 70 minutes.
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