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  1. 15 hours ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    That's the thing I'm not sure if i'll be making it up at all / have one next year.

    It's a good seat too.

    Even if you sell it now. It will still be in your name and you will be able to renew next year as normal. Don't sell it to someone that could cause trouble or you might end up having your door kicked in at 5 in the morning by Scotlands finest. :happy:

  2. 3 hours ago, Creampuff said:

    Honestly baffled at those that seem to think Murty should get the job full time

    He seems a good man, and by all accounts a very decent coach, but outside of the celtic match we were absolutely brutal under him. 

    Some people just see results against celtic! Murty is not and never will be the answer! Oh and as for that celtic match, he didn't get a result as so many claim. He got a fucking draw. Have some peoples standards slipped so far they consider a draw against celtic a result? FFS

  3. 4 hours ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

    Murty showed how to get a result against the tarriers by the ability to organise a team and have the players knowing their job,pretty simple stuff really,

    Pedro and Warburton were gambles we couldn't afford to take,next manager has to be a winner who can make these players into winners.

    Fucked if I know who that is though.

    Oh how our standards have fallen when a draw against the taigs is classed as "a result"!


  4. 3 hours ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

    Get a train to Muirend, 20 mins walk to Hampden and not busy, so no need to worry about waiting on queues getting on or off. You can enjoy a can or two as you stroll back to Hampden, the police won't be anywhere near the station. The no 4 and 6 bus also passes outside that take you to Battlefield. The Bank and White Elephant pub are also near, so a pre match pints without crowds and door staff (clockwork is horrendous on matchday) is also an option.

     It's the same train that goes to Mount Florida and Muirend. Why would he sit on the train for an extra two stops just so he can walk back?

  5. 54 minutes ago, folkestoneger said:

    Your memory is about as good as the piemans managerial skills.

    16 August 1975 Rangers 1-1 Motherwell.  League Cup Sections. (Courtesy of wiki)

    We didn’t play them in the league until October and the video says aug 75

    It certainly looks that way. I remember that goal as if it was yesterday, but my recollection of the game has obviously been scrambled over the years


  6. Credit #BLUEDIGNITY with this one



    Well there's a wee spot in Europe,

    Its a place of great fame,

    and it lies to the north land,

    and Ulster's its name.

    It is only six counties,

    but oh what renowned,

    For its emblem is the Red Hand,

    Topped by the Queen's crown.

    The Germans they came over

    In the year '41

    And they tried to destroy us,

    By their bomb, by their guns.

    But history could have told them,

    Of the others who tried,

    How the sons defended Ulster,

    How they fought and how they died.

    Now if a f****n should ask you,

    In his own rebel tongue,

    They will speak of their friendship,

    Why can't we be one.

    Just you point to the Red Hand,

    Topped by the Queen's crown,

    Say you're side by side with Scotland

    They won't let us down.

    So now brother's and sisters,

    We will all join as one.

    We will toast to our Ulster

    Her heroes and sons,

    And while we are toasting,

    There's two names we must join,

    That of William, Prince of Orange,

    and the Banks of the Boyne.

    That of William, Prince of Orange,

    and the Banks of the Boyne.

  7. 13 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    If DJ hadn't played half his career at the back and also in midfield some games do you think he would have perhaps been Rangers all time top scorer instead of McCoist?

    He wanted to play in defence. That would say to me he didn't have the right attitude to continue at the same level up front.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Ger_onimo said:

    This all relates to the Espanyolification thread. Even our players don't regard themselves as their equals, they look up to them and feel the need to congratulate them. Every cunt who did it should be dropped.

    Our players should never regard them as equals. Even in defeat they should be regarded as pieces of shit you would wipe off your shoe!

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