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  1. 2 hours ago, StirlingBear72 said:

    I nevee got a ticket for the semi against the taigs in the Scottish Cup but got a ticket for the final against Hibs. 

    It was shite missing out on the semi but it seemed to even itself out. 

    No idea how you can put something like you're suggesting in to practice

    You weren't on CCCS then. Everyone on CCCS got a ticket for that semi and the final.

  2. 49 minutes ago, Gaffbear said:

    I got lifted during the 1988 5.1 game cos I was drinking from a can of tennents .. said I was about to.use it as a missile.. a widnae waste my piss on they cunts never mind ma beer I said .. 

    I thought Tennents were cans that were pre-filled with pish.


  3. 15 hours ago, OneDavidCooper said:

    Still on my to do list but anyone got any amusing anecdotes?

    My mate once got ejected for throwing his pie at the referee.

    So your "to do" list includes getting arrested at a football match. Why would you want to get arrested? You've got me curious now, what else have you got on that list?

  4. 2 hours ago, OneDavidCooper said:

    I totally enjoyed that season and would like a memory of it.

    And, most important of all, I didn't ask for your opinion. I merely asked a question.

    I thought #Tom Muller's answer and opinion summed it up perfectly. But of course that's just my opinion.

  5. 5 minutes ago, William McBeath said:

    It does but I mean right through communities near that lots midden. From recollection it seems to go southwards after that wee bridge that takes you into the Gorbals before it gets to the other one at Rutherglen. Been a while since I've been over that way. 

    Your right enough though and hopefully enough of them heard and seen the good ship on it voyage :lol:

    It takes a wee loop around Barrowfield before heading of towards Cambuslang


  6. 11 minutes ago, beararse said:

    Yes, it was a truly horrendous result but we did hit the crossbar 3 times whilst playing extremely badly.

    You never know, they might flourish if we get off their backs a little.

    We hit the crossbar three times, I was waiting for someone to use that as an excuse (it Isn't)! As for the second part. We haven't been on their backs, but by fuck if this shite continues we will and should be.

  7. 1 hour ago, BlueCafu1872 said:

    Well what was on the front of their minds?...what did it achieve?...not arguing mate too happy for that today we got the win and looked miles better than last season ..:dance:

    Really? I thought we were rank rotten last night especially second half. 

  8. 38 minutes ago, Deanzmeanzheinz said:

    Dont know if this guy is on the forum but if he is then thanks very much mate.

    He gave my brother a complimentary outside the ground at the cross between Edmiston Dr and Copland Rd 30m before ko. My brother was standing with the 'T'  sign in the air as you do. This chap walked up and handed him the ticket for nothing!

    So if youre on here mate thanks very much ?

    No worries mate  :innocent:

  9. 4 minutes ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

    Has he actually signed for them yet?? Was under the impression the was joining them for a preseason tour in Austria, but no indication that he is completely joining up with Azerbaijan side at the moment.

    99% complete. The only thing that could stop it is a possible language barrier :dance:

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