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  1. 2 minutes ago, Loyaleastend said:

    Why don't you start a thread on anything?  Oh right, you're too busy attacking me for posting anything



    Where did I attack you? I just don't think Aberdeen deserve a thread in the Bears Den. Will you start a thread every time they lose a game? If so, I think you might be quite busy this season. Aberdeen are insignificant! 

  2. 5 minutes ago, K.A.I said:

    That was my viewpoint until last night mate.

    A win last night would have been massive in terms of building character and applying pressure to that lot. 

    A win at Ibrox next week after that could have been a turning point for both us (good) and celtic (for the worse)

    But we fucked it. A season is won over several little battles/turning points like last night should have been, but as usual under Pedro we fail at the first hurdle. 

    I said the same last night. Two wins against Thistle would have got the confidence right up and then beat them and we could really push on. As you say, we fell at the first hurdle.

    I was more gutted than I should have been last night. I think I was possibly starting to believe a bit early

  3. I'm not one to lose the plot and start shouting for sackings every time we have a bad result. But a 2-2 draw against one of the bottom teams is never acceptable for Rangers. It doesn't matter how you dress it up

  4. 8 hours ago, HG5 said:

    Only been in the away corner once (Monaco, CL & it wasn't for the away fans, that night).

    Can't recall anywhere on the way out which would have had:

    a) Proximity to the Rangers support

    b) A step

    anywhere near each other.

    Anybody who's been round that area of the stadium more recently, feel free to correct me.

    I can confirm, she did fall, she did break her ankle and she was carrying her child at the time. I can also confirm the child went home on the supporters bus with "a friend".  The rest of the story is complete bullshit. The only involvement Rangers fans had was to try and help her after she fell.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Tiger Shaw said:

    Anyone know if the ticket center will let me upgrade a concession to adult for this game,  going in on Saturday to try, hopefully not a wasted journey ?  

    I'm right at the back of the CD, row AC,  first time I've been up there.   

    That picture of mine is from row AC

  6. 14 hours ago, Ivybank said:

    Their big no. 3 was a disgrace,the booking for Morelos was nonsense,the candiaes tackle was a red card,and he never stopped play when our player had a head knock,all in all another inept display by the officials

    Fair play to the Dundee player that was involved in this incident. You could see him telling the ref it was a head knock and yet he still allowed play to continue.

  7. 1 hour ago, K.A.I said:

    We wouldn't lose the money tho. 


    1 hour ago, kris1984 said:

    Aye I suppose you're right.

    We wouldn't lose all the money. No way can the club charge our own fans £50 a ticket for this or any other game. It's a mutual rip-off agreement the clubs have with each other. They rip our fans off at the peado dome and we do the same to them when they come to Ibrox.  

  8. I hate the Club Deck when the Broomloan mob join us for an old firm game. It totally detracts from the atmosphere. All you hear is non stop moaning about the stairs, the view, the leg room etc, etc etc. I tried to shut someone up by offering them one of my fine prawn and cucumber sandwiches..............They even moaned about that because it didn't have brown sauce on it!  

  9. That was a truly awful performance. It reminded me of the borefests from our first season in the championship. That is possibly the worst Hearts team in years and we never looked like scoring. 

    The subway loyal were out in force, after 80 mins the place just seemed to empty. I'm sure that wouldn't have helped the players concentration when they seen the fans had given up. All in all I thought the atmosphere was very subdued right from the start. I think deep down we all knew what we were in for..

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