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  1. Ahorne82 liked a post in a topic by Tam3r0wn in The MMA News Thread   
    Got me wrong there mate, I was saying i respect him because he shuts down opponents.
    Plus bigger doesnt equal stronger.
    Look at BJ, managed to KO a legendary WW in Hughes, before drawing against the number 2 in the world. He did not take time out to bulk up, and can still hang with the best of them because of his superior skill. GSP is just as, if not more, skilled. I think he could dominate the division now.
    But what do I know. At the end of the day, GSP will do what he feels is right. Do I have to agree? No.
  2. Tam3r0wn liked a post in a topic by DamienM855 in RangersMedia Undiscovered Talent, Series 1!   
    Hello lads, welcome to series one of RangersMedia's Undiscovered Talent!
    Lets skip all the pleasantries, and meet up with all of our 16 players that we will be keeping an eye on over the next 15 years.
    Up first is North Korean wonderboy David McPipehelm (RM member - Kev). The free-kick specialist is sparking plenty of interest, most notably from Greek side Aris, and Spanish side Mallorca. He is also the subject of English championship interest.

    Next up is 14 year old Scots kid Buzz Aldrin(RM Member - Buzz). Aldrin's family emigrated to Scotland from Burkina Faso when he was just 7, and he tells us that throughout his life he has been a victim of bullying, both due to his skin color, and his permanently shocked expression, caused when his father smacked him across the face with a shovel for being so damn ugly. Wanting to put his past behind him is one of the reasons Aldrin is looking to break into football, and having already gained the interest of 2 EPL clubs, Aldrin may not have to wait long before he is snapped up.

    At just 14 years old, Scottish lad Mark Goldberg (MarkyG360) is already on the wanted list of Manchester City! Surely that tells you all you need to know about his potential, but should he join the oil-rich giants, will he get the game time to reach his potential?

    Scots poacher Andrew Neil's (Andy-500) deadly finishing has put English clubs such as Leeds, Wolves, and Blackpool on alert, but will he decide that a move to an SPL side is in his best interests?

    Athletic Spanish starlet Nathan Aird (NathanRFC) has put clubs across his home country on high alert by earning a call-up to the Spanish under-19 side. When a club as steeped in tradition as Atletic Bilbao are willing to break tradition to sign a lad from Madrid, you know he's got to be something special!

    Scottish teenager James Sawyer (Tak3rNo1) is the oldest of our bunch at 19 (honestly no idea how that happened, I've double checked and I definitely entered his DOB correctly), and has managed to attract interest from a few SPL clubs despite his late entry into the football world.

    Super aggressive (yet again, no idea) youngster Fanny (The Goal Machine) has attracted interest from a club on either side of the border, and like many before him, must make the choice between money and game time.

    Xand Yappalenko (Thommo) from Finland has amassed interest from across his country, and from across the world in Portugal, with no obvious candidate for his signature, this should be an tough choice for the 15 year old.

    Composed youngster Fammy Nova (Mr Struth), a.k.a Starch, has gained the interest of Premier league side Swansea, amongst other clubs in England, along with interest from across the pond in Portugal. As a player with tremendous technique, could free-passing Swansea be the best possbile match for him right now?

    Spanish Danny Dyer (IbroxBear54) has already been called into the English under-19's side due to his grand-parents, and could be forced into making a decision on his nationality before he has even signed for a club! Speaking of clubs, European champions Barcelona have expressed interest in the youngster, and look to fend off interest from the EPL to add him to their B side

    Young Dmitri (leafed) from Spain has a lot of decisions to make, when Barcelona come calling it's hard to turn them down, but what Dmitri needs to think about is whether his development will be helped or hindered by the vast array of talent on show at the Nou Camp

    Dougie Wright (djw1992) is a throwback to the wingers of old, able to reach the byline at speed and then fire in an accurate cross to the box. As such it's a surprise that there is no interest from his own country, although clubs south of the border are making noises.

    Mohammed de Oliveira (spectre) isn't your average run-of-the-mill footballer, enriched in both Portuguese and Iranian culture, the 14 year old is a magnificent passer of the ball with great imagination. Unfortunately for him, there seems to only be run-of-the-mill sides interested in this cultured talent.

    Sometimes all a team needs is a footballer who can run. A player who can sprint by defences, shatter the offside rule and blast the ball into the net. Dave Keith (dkrfc) is that kind of player, and a host of english and portuguese clubs including Arsenal, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon know just how valuable that can be.

    Quick and exciting, Alan Crosby (Allzo) is the kind of player who gets fan on their feet, the question is, which of these lower-league english clubs will get their man?

    Some players are just so muscular, and so accurate in the tackle, that they are referred to by managers' as a brick wall. 15 year-old south african Wise Magumbo (Tam3r0wn) is extremely strong and quick for his age, and his tackling precision is unmatched across the country by anyone else in his age group. But will Magumbo still be a resident of that country next month? Who knows?

  3. TheKingObv liked a post in a topic by Tam3r0wn in RangersMedia Undiscovered Talent, Series 1!   
    The English league better thank there lucky stars that Wise can't play yet.
    The boy makes Elokobi look like Michael Owen with the Flu.
    His day will come.....
  4. Marky. liked a post in a topic by Tam3r0wn in RangersMedia Undiscovered Talent, Series 1!   
    Will update this post in a moment with a new screenshot, the games going forward atm.

    Wrong screenshot on the first post I meant.
    Great work by the way. I seem to have taken on the role of the village idiot.
    Wise by name, not by nature it would seem.
  5. Polo liked a post in a topic by Tam3r0wn in The MMA News Thread   
    That guy has a SERIOUS left hand. Lol @ Fitch grappling the ref.
    Good performance by Overeem, think JDS punishes him though. Reem is very muscle bound and kind of slow, Junior TKO's him IMO.
    My respect to Brock, guy came in with zero top level experience and fought only the best guys. Not a complete martial artist by any means, but a top fighter nonetheless. His pulverising of Mir at 100 was one of the fights that sold me on the sport. He didn't need the money, he wanted to see if he could come into a sport and be the best, and for a while, he was. He has obv had health issues, but still had the desire to compete. For that, I tip my hat to Brock Lesnar.
  6. Papa Sasac liked a post in a topic by Tam3r0wn in ***The Official NK Maribor vs. The Rangers Thread***   
    Everytime I see Mculloch and Edu in the engine room, I die a little inside.
    Not an ounce of creative flair in the middle of the park.
    4-5-1 against the might of Maribor? Jesus wept, you'd think it was the Nou Camp we were playing in tonight.
    That said, Mon the Gers!
  7. Polo liked a post in a topic by Tam3r0wn in The MMA News Thread   
    If GSP really wants a legacy, he needs to grow a pair and move up to fight Anderson.
    At the minute, to me he looks and sounds scared. Look at BJ penn, he moved up. Legend. Silva moved up. Legend.
    All this need to put on muscle pish is ridiculous. If you truly believed that you are the best fighter in the world, but others say that the other guy is, there's only 15 pounds in weight difference, what's stopping you taking the crown? Cain V gave up at least 25-30 pounds against Brock, but he was the superior fighter and punished him.
    GSP is afraid to lose rather than determined to win.
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