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  1. I am furious that whoscored.com have done this
  2. Already buzzing for this. What a time to be a Rangers fan.
  3. 50 games unbeaten between us and Slavia in the league.
  4. Compared to what we could have drawn, its really not.
  5. Easiest draw possible please. Though a game against an English team would be superb.
  6. We have beaten the 2nd best team in Belgium 9-5 on aggregate yet celtic fans seem to think this is proof we are rubbish. What an odd set of fans.
  7. Like the episode of The Office USA where Dwight bangs his head and acts weird for the day.
  8. No doubt laughing throughout whilst acting like a cunt
  9. How are we losing this game? They are genuinely abysmal
  10. One is a workplace, one isn't. Not really that crazy is it?
  11. Early hours of Sunday night?
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