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  1. Christie is like a slim Kris Commons If he isn't scoring he is absolutely useless
  2. Keeps lennon in a job at least
  3. Mbappe hasn't really kicked on has he? Was definitely a more dangerous player a couple years back
  4. Northern Lights has ragdolled a few people in this thread already with those screenshots
  5. Don't think he would look out of place in any team in the world tbh. Guy is a baller and great to watch.
  6. Saw that. Unbelievable. His streams are getting some amount of views 😂 Not sure if he can play most of the top tournaments because of his age though.
  7. He is a bell but I don't doubt he has contacts around the game as he is the definition of an arselicker. Good news.
  8. I'm not even gonna rewind it. I knew it was a sickener at the time.
  9. Fingers crossed Jimenez is okay. Head injury so severe they arent even showing a replay...
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