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  1. Men's 100 is a bit dead atm in all honesty. Two best (shorter) events are maybe the Men's and Women's 400m hurdles where there's a good chance both WRs will fall.
  2. Always amusing seeing people who have never done sport at any level commenting on these issues. Usually overweight middle aged men too.
  3. Relax mate. Doubt you have any clue about sporting pressure.
  4. Comments like this are mental. He's scored 1 goal in a pre season friendly. Hopefully do well for us but long way off saying he will 'easily' get the goals.
  5. Nah man. This can't be real?
  6. 5 years ago mate That was 3 tournaments ago.
  7. World Cup semi and Euros final but not top tier ­čśé Won 7 out of 8 Euro qualifiers, top of their WC qualifying group. Reached the final of the Nations League. But aye not top tier. What countries are then?
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