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  1. Shagger has to stay,the boy isn't even in his prime yet,Alexander is a good keeper and has done well for us when called upon but he simply is not in the same league/class as McGregor,hence why McGregor would be a multi million pound player if he was sold.
  2. again dunno what a cock...but i dunno tell Aids we have his trophy...and i dunno maybe we only win the games that actually mean something and well,i dunno maybe coming on here is helping your arse to heal?but what i do know is...no trophies,no champions league money,no signed players,no manager,no class,no dignity,no excuses,No Surrender!!!
  3. back on topic,alexander cost us the game in my opinion,don't get me wrong he hasn't let us down before really but shagger is by far and away the better keeper.
  4. dunno.........what a cock
  5. muff=nob nuf said.........dont humour this guy..
  6. it's not even as though the clip was offensive in any way,just pure comedy,the commentary fitted perfectly with the goals.please bring it back,its a classic!
  7. superb stuff!but the link doesn't work anymore......anyone got a working link to the vid.cheers.
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