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  1. I would like Duncan Ferguson. He has done a great job at Everton. Can't see it happening though.
  2. I was at the 1963 game. If you get a chance watch Wullie Henderson help create the first goal for Jim Baxter and also the run that sees Henderson brought down for the penalty. Fantastic weekends in London in the 60's apart from 1961 when Scotland lost 9-3
  3. First class article from start to finish. A balanced and honest view from the press at last
  4. I was at Wembley the day Jim Baxter taunted Alan Ball and the rest of the World Cup winners. It was great to see then and people will always remember the show of skill. No one mentioned disrespect at the time. Long may Rangers players demonstrate their special skills no matter who the opposition is
  5. Was listening to Radio 2 on Sunday morning when Diane Louise Jordan played a request for a listeners favourite hymn. It started Follow Follow we will follow Jesus everywhere anywhere we will follow on...etc to the famous tune sung at Ibrox. I wonder if anyone else heard this. DLJ said she couldn't stop singing it and loved the tune.
  6. I know it has been said many times but Charles Green is a top man and won't be messed around by anyone. Good on him
  7. Leading goalscorer last season. Its a no brainer. Back to Ibrox Kenny
  8. We travelled up from Nottingham to the Stuttgart game last season and lost tickets. Went to Ticket Office told the the seat numbers etc and they printed replacements straight away. No problem at all
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