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  1. Broke his leg in that 5-0 defeat against Portugal and then came back and done that
  2. Think you missed out the constantly injured bit👍
  3. If he wasn't fucked most of the time it would be somewhere in between what we have both quoted.
  4. About 4 or 5 at a push.
  5. What do you think he is worth?
  6. What's the point in having a player that spends half his time injured?
  7. I wouldn't be out doing it but not too fussed about it.
  8. Think you have been paying too much attention to the guys and not the game.
  9. Was it you that done it? You on the glue?
  10. Will do fuck all but play the game like the rest of the cunts that pretend they care, will hold my hands up if they actually do their jobs for a change.
  11. Because the police are fucking useless?
  12. Make a decent offer mate and it's yours.
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