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  1. what a waste of a sad fucked up life,and now going to warp his kids mind.
  2. It's not as if we are holding them here against their will.
  3. Honestly would rather die with our 150 years of history than live for 1 minute with theirs. Horrible f***** bastards.
  4. I'm over the moon at him whining about being called a bum boy,wiped that smug grin off his face. You know the one where he gets away with one and he looks smug as fuck. the bastard has a lot to learn before he becomes a decent person.
  5. When Rafa gets the newcastle gig then the way will be clear for SG to go to Everton.
  6. hughes was at the beasts. he employed him at hibs. he employed him at falkirk. I'm 100% positive he knew. He does seem a nice guy,but doesn't excuse being him being cosy with a filthy child rapist.
  7. Got to "an am noo starting to underthink" just another usual day for that thick fenian roaster.
  8. Sorry mate,not for me. Would rather have an endorsement from someone other than a friend of a paedophile.
  9. Don't hold your breath waiting on it being condemned. Fucking animals.
  10. hughes is a big fuckin fenian beast. quite sure he employed mcafferty at falkirk. and he's a fuckin attention seeking flasher.
  11. You would think once the size and scale of what happened sinks in,you would assume any right minded person with any kind of moral compass would distance themselves from association with a club like no other. You would also assume any business would drop them like a hot potato.
  12. doesn't know the difference between his beak and mouth. what chance will the rest of the inbred mutants have.
  13. This despicable organisation were complicit in the fenians changing certain SFA rules,to allow them to escape any sanctions by the governing bodies. Only in scotland is using a legal tax loophole a bigger crime than raping children. How the fuck could you look yourself in the mirror supporting a club like no other.
  14. The report will have one word in it,and guaranteed it will say. WHATABOUTERY
  15. Really wish Gordon the strength and health to see a final satisfactory outcome,and all survivors.
  16. Itv news had a story about the Magdelene wash houses in Northern Ireland going back to the 60's,where the nuns took new born babies from their mothers and had them adopted. These mothers,some as young as 14 were then put to work and used as slave labour. There was compensation claims from the Government mentioned,and this is where i find it hard to get my head round is why the catholic church is not being held responsible,and every piece of real estate and building they own should be impounded by the state and the ground sold off to help pay the compensation. The organisations who were mostly catholic run and receiving government money,ran homes all over the country and were responsible for abusing sexually and mentally,even in some cases children were murdered and tossed into huge unmarked graves.
  17. The one and only reason he got the gig in the 1st place,in a long line of braindead bigots.
  18. porteous needs chopped up into small pieces and fed to seagulls up and down the coast.
  19. Their goal came from an arsehole clearance from the imbecile porteous,when he managed to get the ball to land in front of doig 35 yards across the park.
  20. Horrible bastard will NEVER make a decent person let alone footballer. The bbc alluded to the fact Alfredo had a wee dig at him just previous to his sending off,and suggested it might have been the cause of his red. Seeing the evidence before you knocks that shite theory on the head.
  21. You have to wonder who the feck would actually switch that on to view.
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