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  1. Not from my daughter as she can see through that shite. She was disguted at the thought of that lot bribing for votes. A free breakfast and lunch for the workshy and malingerers kids will be enough to pull a vote,from some of the thickest cunts you would hate to live next door to.
  2. Puts a new slant on the xmas fairy
  3. sleekit pete the leech is squirming like a reptile. His words from 2012 have bit him on the arse "no recognisable opposition" tlb said his reason for leaving in 2014 was it "isn't a challenge anymore"
  4. I'm putting my money on ambulance chasers taking their cases on a no win no fee basis for mutants who want their ST money back.
  5. Reading between the lines after ssb laugh-in,got the message this team haven't played for him since he abused them by accusing a half dozen who didn't want to be there. NOW!!!...if this is the case they have taken their foot off the gas for 3 months and are going through the motions, then they will find it hard to pick up the pace even with the Poch or Howe or whatever super manager they want to pick for the poisoned chalice. The results you mentioned St J and Killie come to fruition and it's game over for this bunch of mutants. Fingers crossed
  6. billy fuckin brown's a clown!!...chucked it at that shite quote above.
  7. over the moon at this. we have been telling you for years it's corrupt and you're in it up to your necks. get on with it ya scabby bastards. OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. would tell you personally to grow a set of balls...but not sure if it's worded wrong. GIRFU the whole fuckin shooting match that you call scottish football. CORRUPT TO THE CORE FOR YEARS.
  8. every filthy trick in the book from a filthy rotten riddled scabby degenerate group of misfits.
  9. 100% that tom was the cunt that threatened EwanMagregor "you're a bam and you're gonny get done in ya bam" that was the best funny phone in ever.
  10. That last clown should mellow out to a frenzy. this cunt says he needs to grab them by the scruff of the neck. aye!!...that'll work ya fuckin roaster, the all come on and seem to be in a confessional and have to say how long they've beeen a fan. reminded of the day he took the trophy over to the greeniie brigade. the rabid bastards have turned on him and it is fuckin magnificent.
  11. that fuckin monster tlb likes the word "AMBIENCE" with the chants GTF ringing around in the background and he's been hanging about boozers too much
  12. They've already decided a tax loop hole is more sreious. would doubt a coupla hundred self entitled spoiled wee fenians,have been handled with kid gloves by plod and the courts. This is now coming home to roost and they have created a shower of wee fenians,who create fuckin hell for every person who they have contact with. 17 fines in a short speace of time from uefa got them a stadium tour and a free dinner. Quite sure you knew the answer before you posted Colin.
  13. I just wish i wasn't an idle fuckin oap so ah could wind the mutant bastards i worked beside up. Well i'll just have to make do with the cunts that wander past the front windae
  14. a magnet for every low life fenian scum bag and applepines
  15. i just think about his bit on the side who he threatened to have her throat slit
  16. bjk sacked mcneil sacked macari sacked burns as well hay sacked dalglish sacked o'brady sacked bet yer house on it he will be away in an hour
  17. hired in the shower sacked in the shower
  18. almost positive the keeper shut his eyes
  19. I'll save my sympathy for each and every one of over 100 kids abused at that horrible fuckin place. They should actually count themselves lucky this was not done in a country that protects children with serious punishment for abuse.
  20. tlb might hit the ground soon pretending to be skelped on the jaw. The more they knock fuckin lumps out of each other the better i feel. FUCK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE MUTANT SCABBY BEASTS.
  21. been sent to everybody and the missus is just away to tesco shaking her head. she said i'm easy amused.
  22. an ah juist said "i've no eight-two o anything" brilliant mate. Needed a bump.
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