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  1. 3rd means more games in europe, so there is that.i forget in what competition though.
  2. There is a boy thats posted on follow follow tonight that its cos of the way Morelos is being asked to play that we drew, fuck all to do with the fact that he currently couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo apparently.
  3. Dont really think that was a tactic as such, they didnt really soak up pressure, the fact is we just outplayed them for most of the game and thee was nothing they could do about. Piss poor finishing let them off the hook. Nothing more, nothing less.
  4. Unfortunately correct. There cannot be a worse slum in the uk than parts of govanhill. The city centre is manky as fuck as well. The council have just let the place go.
  5. For sure they will. Diego simeone or the like. The sky will be the limit really. Who would of thought 15 year ago that Guardiola would manage man city? No cunt. Money talks.
  6. Newcastle aint a bad city at all, and its not as if they will actually live in the city. Probably they would go to hexham or round about. Plenty millionaires round there. Same as all the city and united players live in chesire. At the end of the day money talks and they will go there alright.
  7. Yes by journalists,but even if you listen to most celtic fans they aint impressed. An unfit, slow waste of space according to most of them. Sometimes in this country the media decide a player is something he isnt despite all the evidence.
  8. Hopefully. Even more importantly for sunday.The thought of simpson playing such an important game is frightening. Thought we should have tried for a free agent after Helander got injured.
  9. The "wednesday night in dingwall" is indeed a cliche but cliches all tend to be true. So far theyve been playing on sunny afternoons on decent pitches ( bar livingston). From december onwards last season every pitch in this country was poor with some an absolute fuckin disgrace. Itll be interesting to see how angeball handles that.
  10. Honestly thought that the thread was gonna be about the Rangers one, not really interested in anything the other one has to say.
  11. Fuck sake, thought i was replying in the lundstram thread.
  12. Whether youve seen much o him or not matters not, this is Rangers Media. He is pish cos thats the general opinion and you go with the flow. I have to be honest, i did reckon he was pish with what i had seen up to the last couple of games, hopefully he is gonna prove us wrong.
  13. The other point on unversity fees is that the are actually morally right. If you want to go to university to get a degree to enhance youre chances of getting a well paid job you should pay back some of youre large salary to the taxpayer. It cant be right that a low paid worker pays tax to put a kid from a well off background through, say dental school, they earn £100,000 minimum in a few years time and pay NOTHING back towards the education they have benefitted from. They dont even pay anything back till they earn over £25,000 or something. Free university fees benefits the middle class mostly. Fuck all progressive about it.
  14. Jesus, thats pretty much how young boys beat us. Last minute winner down to a mistake.
  15. To this day thats my favourite Rangers game. Had never seen anything like it up to then, only regret is that the last 20 minutes we seemed to settle for 5.
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