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  1. Surely they will do away with replays now, probably shouldve done that years ago anyway.
  2. Still no word from SFA whether there will be a scottish cup this year, they were supposed to decide today but couldnt. What a useless shower of cunts they are ,they can do absolutely fuck all right.
  3. Like you i am from the older generation and cannot remember for a long long time a striker who when on his game took the entire team to a different level like Morelos does, I would compare him more to Mark Hateley in terms of his all round contribution. Its not just the goals ,its the whole package.
  4. The bawbag is actually from fife.
  5. They will see that as a massive two fingers Rangers and patterson have gave them. They will absolutely ragin and dying to settle the score with a massive domestic ban. Fuck them.
  6. As complete a performance as ive seen from a Rangers forward in europe ever and that includes Hateley, Mcoist jelavic and whoever else i could name.I might be getting carried away but i dont think so.
  7. Macdonald had retired from playing when ferguson went but Sandy clarke is right i think.
  8. Sandy jardine, alex Macdonald and kenny black at hearts.
  9. Cammy fraser and the other ian ferguson at dundee.
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