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  1. But he did invent the whole concept of pass and move. Never been done anywhere before ever. "Ange ball" its called.
  2. The whole sweeper/keeper thing is an absolute load of shit. A disaster waiting to happen that any good team will exploit.
  3. He seems like one that they have really high hopes for. Think he played for Glentoran first team at 15 or something. Ive saw a couple of his interviews and he is an old head on young shoulders for sure. They say to make it in football as well as the ability you need the drive to make it and he seems to have both in spades.
  4. Some of them over on follow follow are genuinely shitting their pants over this japanese lad. "oh, look at his stats". For fuck sake. No doubt the same cunts who had shane duffy as " a warrior who instantly improves them".
  5. They cant justify it and they wont even try. They do what the fuck they like, right and wrong dont come into it. 12,000 at hampden was a blatant political decision that went against all their other bullshit rules,it was done to appease UEFA and to try to keep their core voters on side. They dont really give to fucks for football or the people who watch it.
  6. Its in the online edition of the record about griffiths now. It says the police are investigating.
  7. He is an actual twat that gives the ordinary punter no insight into the game. He just gives you what any slavering prick would come out with in the boozer.
  8. They shouldve lost tonight and wouldve if spain had a proper striker.
  9. Should be a cracking game tonight, I see italy winning maybe 2 1 and big morata missing a few as per
  10. Ive got high hopes for him this season, everytime he came on last season he made a positive contribution. Mind watching him fora poor aberdeen team against celtic when they drew 3 each and he was the standout on the park in the 2nd half, the main reason aberdeen got a draw. Like you say, an oustanding piece of business by Rangers there.
  11. That was always gonna be a tanking tonight. I watched them against sweden and they were absolute pish. I knew then there was no way they were making a game of it tonight. Thats not taking anything away from England who now look a very good team, theyve made me eat my words after their first 2 group games when i said they couldnt win it.
  12. He is yeah. apparently . Had never heard of him. By fuck he is rapid.
  13. That looks a fantastic price now, in fairness theyve looked good from the start of the tournament. Not seen an italian team play like this since the 1990 world cup.
  14. I took spain to win the tournament at 8/1.They have nil chance against either of these two.
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