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  1. That is one of the mysteries of modern football, a total myth that theyve built aided by the scottish media. He used to look half decent taking the ball out of defence against rubbish in the spl when the let him but a centre half is only as good as his goals against ratio and he just aint a good defender. Do they truly think that any bidding team wouldnt watch him first, cos the minute they did watch him their interest would end there and then.
  2. He is a free agent and its now november and no one has signed him, i wonder just who is he thinking is going to come in for him now. The boy is kidding himself on.
  3. I know exactly what you mean but youve got to live life in the moment and just now its good.
  4. You cant deny there are a fair few in the "tartan army" whose only knowledge of maradona is "the hand of god" goal and they revel in it because it was against england. They are the sort who wouldnt even recognise the genius of the 2nd goal in that game. They are a minority but there are some who dont particularly care much for football, its all about the trips, hating the english and dressing up. Ive always hoped the "hand of god" thing never happened. Not cos it helped beat england, couldnt care less about that, but because whenever maradona was spoken of it was used to try and detract from t
  5. Michael was revving up to be a real brammer, bad luck they cut him off
  6. To be fair i dont think anyone on the forum would take issue about where the club is. Cant blame people for being a bit pissed off that we didnt get at least one win out those 2 games considering how they went. Youre right though, looking at it today the big picture is nothing but positive.
  7. The pathetic and tragic thing is that a lot of the tartan army wont truly appreciate the 2nd goal he scored in that game cos they basically have no appreciation of football. For them all they remember about Maradona is that he stuck it up the english, not that he was the player he was or that he scored the greatest goal in world cup history that day.
  8. The bigger the game and the better the opposition the better he seems to play. Wouldnt look out of place in any league at any level.
  9. Theyve lost to ferenvvaros, cluj and aek athens. We have beaten a decent dutch team a russian top league team and Glatassaray in that spell. Can you name ONE decent team theyve beaten in a qualifier in the last 3 year.
  10. No, i disagree. They generally have played a lot pishier teams in the qualifying rounds. And theyve managed to lose to some of them as well.
  11. A lot of those were against pish in the qualifying rounds.
  12. just shows the whole seedings thing is a joke.
  13. We can only hope he does, but youre right. He will be a gonner now by the end of the week.
  14. Unfortunately youre right, he wont survive this now.
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