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  1. If anyone gets lifted for whatever on saturday then everyone else lie in front of the police van and they have to let you go. And no politician will complain. Thats how it works now apparently, its all good.
  2. Written by keith jackson, surprise surprise. This twat has been browns cheer leader since always. The time of "boozegate " when he hung ferguson and Mcgregor out to dry and covered up for brown cos he is his parkhead source was the day Rangers shouldve blackballed the record. The time when he compared brown to Gazza as a footballer was when he officially became a joke as a reporter on football.
  3. Looks like he has decent ability and a lot of pace but a bit from what they say a bit raw in his decision making and positioning. Maybe a bit like a young Lovenkrands, hopefully without the ability to hide out of games.
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