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  1. Cant really say anything that’s not already been said but I hope he stays for a crack at the champions league
  2. Cannae wait for John up next, he’s not happy apparently
  3. The last paragraph man. He totally gets it
  4. It’s all too beautiful!!! 🇬🇧 up yees ya beasty bastards
  5. Is this a gif of one of the Mcginn spawn? 😂
  6. I should add to my last reply to you, that I didn’t know the big fella had a stroke and that’s not what my shite attempt at patter was about 😂
  7. My attempt at a joke on a joke I didn’t understand mate 😂 failed miserably though 😂😂
  8. You need to keep those of us not on Twitter updated with the outcome of this cup mate 😂
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