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  1. Good luck Ally A bit of humble wouldn't go amiss my man!
  2. I got a different one and just cut the plug off and put a 3pin plug on, worked for ages
  3. I think his 'family/friends' loans about 2years ago (at double the rate of interest from the bank) will make this happen. purely in the interest of integrity?
  4. Tannadice tesco ? http://miltonsfootballfinance.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/dundee-united-financials.html?m=1
  5. UCL mapped out Scotland and can find population of areas by religion (and other stuff). Think was based on census results from about 2011 http://scotland.datashine.org.uk/#table=KS209SCB&col=KS209SCB0002&ramp=YlOrRd&layers=BTTT&zoom=13&lon=-4.2975&lat=55.8194 33% CoE and 16% tarriers
  6. Sash bash in ma hoose tonight ? so build my gallows.... fuck the doily fingerers
  7. After penalising us for being corporately abused and defrauded!Incompetent AND corrupt wankers
  8. My ethics exactly pal, but life is so sweeter with W+W and the players ?
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