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  1. Hope we pump the tarriers and Pedro kicks the fuck out of brenda Really hope it works out for the big man, I like most of the changes he has made (within his budgetary constraints whatever the fuck they may be) and his passion and him generally think he still needs till the end of this season (with another transfer window) before he can be reasonably judged im quietly confident it will work out
  2. Amazed with the play tonight ? Dont mention warburton, the cunt was stale bread (with hindsight)
  3. Fuck up ya downy, I'm enjoying myself lol ffs, you still using a calculator to get on the net
  4. fuck off, their keeping their titles and smellik are buying me another tranny for the night
  5. just like you and the ra, ya grouse beater
  6. Got me and the wee man tickets in the Sheffield end last time via their website no bother missed the atmosphere but was still an excellent day, although I think they clocked onto this pretty fast
  7. With all the hamiltons, hence his rightly attempt at standing up for British values!
  8. You need to get some morals and stop turning the tables on others!
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