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McGregor enjoys the shoot-outs and would like to take a Penalty


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ALLAN McGREGOR would not be surprised if Sunday's Co-operative Insurance Cup Final goes to a penalty shootout.

He would prefer an outright Rangers win but if it does he's ready to keep Celtic out AND try to score past Artur Boruc

McGregor admits to enjoying the challenge that a shootout provides and although he'd prefer it didn't take one to secure the trophy he is prepared for any eventuality.

He watched his final opponents go through a remarkable shoot out in the semi final against Dundee United that led to both keepers hitting their own penalties and the match being settled only when it came round to the 12 spot kick for each side.

It's a slim chance, but McGregor will happily take responsibility should it fall his way.

Indeed he volunteered his services to his manager in last season's final, and would consider the same offer again this term.

McGregor said: "I wouldn't mind it coming round to me. I asked the gaffer the last time if I could take our last one, but he told me just to concentrate on saving them.

"It's an unusual scenario when it gets to goalies taking penalties but it really wouldn't bother me that much if it happened.

"If it comes to it again this season I might volunteer again but we'll have to wait and see if that happens.

"I enjoy the shoot outs from the point of view that it's a no lose situation for me. You obviously don't want to be beaten but you're never expected to save the penalties.

"I enjoy the occasion and of course I enjoyed it last year so if it goes to penalties again this year we'll see what happens, but I'd rather win it in 90 minutes.

"Of course there is an element of luck involved when it comes to penalties but if you go the wrong way every time, luck doesn't come in to it at all!

"You have a 50-50 chance of guessing the right way to dive and if you go the right way and the penalty isn't hit that well you have a chance of saving it."


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