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have carling pulled the plug, if so were does that leave us with the new strips. if we buy them with carling on them and they get a new sponsor. will we get a refund to put the new sponsor on the shirts. or will we just be told buy another one

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Celtic and Rangers are both now looking for a new shirt sponsor after Carling reportedly called time on their six-year association.

In total they receive £2.2m from Carling at the moment, but it’s been suggested by commercial experts that they’ll now struggle to attract bids worth more than £1 million per year.

The drinks company deal began in 2003 and was renewed in 2005 but has now entered its final year.

The Old Firm have already been left in a financial hole after yesterday’s cut-price SPL TV deal, and over the course of a four-year shirt sponsor deal the difference in income would amount to a massive £5m.

Talks about the contracts’ renewal had taken place but reports suggest the drinks company have now decided to pull out, concentrating instead on replicating the success Tennent's have enjoyed with T In The Park by focusing on music-related promotional opportunities.

Paul Miller, managing director for Molson Coors in Scotland, didn’t give much away. He said: "The facts are that current deal is up at the end of the season and, as yet, nothing has been agreed about going forward from there.

"We are still in conversation with Rangers and Celtic and have been for a few months. It will probably move fairly quickly now in terms of our discussions."

It’s believed he’s staying tight-lipped as some kind of corporate tie-in could still remain outside of the shirt sponsor deal.

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With rumours swirling that Carling will be severing its sponsorship with the Rangers and Celtic at the end of the 2009-10 campaign, a spokesman for the company stated:

“Our position is that we will sit down with both clubs later on in the year for talks about our future partnership.

“But these talks about our commercial relationship going forward beyond 2010 are months away and haven’t even been scheduled.”

The deal pays the both clubs upwards of £2m each per year and would be a significant loss in the present economic climate. Carling maintains that despite rumours of it pulling for the Scottish market, it is in-fact increasing its investment in the area.

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