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  1. Goldson for me, sold and led from the back, also scored some vital goals in the season !!!!
  2. Really enjoyed that, he comes across well !!!
  3. Goldson followed by McGregor.....
  4. So that all shag one another ?
  5. 17,000 ST's ! that can't be right radio Clyde said they'd sold 40,000, just like us !
  6. Seeing as we are running out of options on that side....he's great....
  7. Ah, the Irish Gaelic for you...
  8. Great vids, but family must come first...hope all goes well....!!!
  9. I got this guy wrong.....😲
  10. Really taking to Flano, good end to last season and looked good tonight....
  11. Quality, beats they usual cocks we're subjected to.....
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