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  1. According to radio snide adverts its a sell out so the most of the smell bastards must of been on holiday...aye ok....
  2. Don't do it, it's the PTSD that'll get you .....
  3. Bad day when you need to like Janey Godley to get yer hole.....
  4. This topic is going to shit, want the DR stuff back !!!!!!
  5. looks like police Scotland gonna be busy.......
  6. Thats what Durnan wants, said as much in one of his tweets, wonder how he wants that to work with regard to them and us
  7. Love how its went from poor wee lawyer girl to fuck the cow glad she's lost her job.........
  8. With regards to the female lawyer, there is alway collateral damage, she's been caught in the cross fire ( H&H - DR ), tough, one less enemy to get sorted when we win the war..... and I include the snp....
  9. You'll not be disappointed, better info and content than MSM....just don't click DR or the sun any more
  10. its not a romantic Katic scored against the others, if he's not good enough for us now and the Gerrard cannot fit him into the team why waste the wage....
  11. At the end of the day.....if Gerrard and CO say Katic no good get rid, Rangers first.......
  12. Awful news, terrible disease and awful for the family that need to live with it.....
  13. we could of done with a couple of thousand bears up there yesterday !!!!!
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