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  1. So that all shag one another ?
  2. 17,000 ST's ! that can't be right radio Clyde said they'd sold 40,000, just like us !
  3. Ah, the Irish Gaelic for you...
  4. Sick of hearing about catholics and their moanings.....
  5. If the papers were to believed we were looking at this guy, dodged a bullet as they say ...!
  6. Happy New Year brothers...down but not out....no surrender !!!
  7. Need Warburton to bring in a player that can replace Halliday, the guy is holding us back he has no vision and bottles it...he's hit his ceiling !
  8. Half the stewards are tarriers and are having a laugh at us, we had one flashing his celtc adorned phone the other week in CF4..
  9. Sorry troops missed this....Merry Christmas brothers...
  10. Done the same at the end of the game also !!!
  11. been waiting ages for that video...cheers Jules....
  12. If Kenny had shares in Rangers he'd of voted with the board, no like the other guy?⚪️?
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