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Another plug for FIFA/PES


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Tired of playing Real Madrid online and want to be part of a Competitive and friendly community?

Who are we?

PS3N is an established online gaming community which has been going strongly and expanding rapidly since 2005 along with it's sister site for Xbox users, XBLN. Initially formed as a PES site we have years of experience with running fun and competitive league setups. We started small and developed over time and now we have established league setups in PES and Fifa. These have been put in place for people like you. People who may want a competitive setup, people who may want to use a variety of teams, people who want to play fair and develop their own brand of football or people who just want to enjoy playing Fifa with other football enthusiasts.

We have a forum for our members to post about Fifa, gaming and anything else that comes to mind. Currently on the PS3 forum we have 330 members who have amassed over 37,000 posts since the new forum launched in March.


We ran a very successful league setup for Fifa 09 and are looking for more recruits for the Fifa 10 season. Each league contained teams with the same Fifa star ratings which made the league fair and more enjoyable. The setup is very rewarding allowing you to monitor your team's form, goal scorers and league position. We do encourage banter and headsets but this is not mandatory, however most members would agree they get more enjoyment out of playing the game when talking to their opponent.

As well as leagues we also run off season competitions and regular tournaments and you can always have a friendly with a member or play Fifa clubs online team play with others.

The leagues will usually run for a few months and we ask members to commit to playing approximately 2 games a week plus possibly a knock out cup competition. You may have been part of league setups before which have fallen apart due to lack of interest. This does not happen at PS3N because we have a recruitment process to determine reliability and skill level to ensure we are not throwing new members in at the deep end.

What Else?

It is not just a case of football games though. The football games are the core part of PS3N and is the reason why we have grown. We run weekly events and other regular events for a variety of games on the PS3.

For example we run weekly Call of Duty events which are unbelievable funny and worthwhile. Over the last few months we have also run events for SOCOM, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars, GTA, Tiger Woods, Virtua Tennis and of course PES and Fifa. We are open to looking into new events and are planning more in the pipeline.

Where do I sign up?

Do take a look at our website herefor more information and some interesting member posted articles.

PS3n site

And take the opportunity to sign up to our forums and make yourself known.

PS3N forums

If you want to join the Fifa league you can find that here.

Thanks for reading.

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Sounds good actually, shame i can't score for shit.

You should give it a try Al, I guarantee there will be players worse than you in the leagues

i really need to satrt playing online more often :(

Ive mostly been playing FIFA offline because onlines been fucked, but its just not as fun as knowing you are beating another person. I never tend to touch offline modes now.

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