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Pittsburgh Penguins Vs New Jersey Devils


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A new OtherFootballSport.png Other Football/Sport game has been added to the RM Bookie system and is scheduled for Mon, Dec 21 7:00pm EST!


Pittsburgh Penguins (Odds: 1.66/1)


Draw: 1.00/1


New Jersey Devils (Odds: 2.30/1)


More Game Details

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The game has ended and all bets have been settled. The winning team (at least by the spread) is New Jersey Devils!


bigandy999 won 1,650 ibbookie_points


Orangeclement lost 75 ibbookie_points

Connorm5843 lost 500 ibbookie_points

HashPizza lost 45 ibbookie_points

MasterD lost 10 ibbookie_points

johngers lost 500 ibbookie_points

RFC24 lost 500 ibbookie_points

Bluen0se lost 20 ibbookie_points

Snow-White lost 1 ibbookie_points

Congrats to the winners and better luck next time to the losers. Thanks for playing!

More Game Details New Jersey Devils 0 @ Pittsburgh Penguins 0

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