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  1. Anyone else get a phone call regarding Rangerspools, basically wanting feedback on the site etc and you get £30 for it? They are calling me tomorrow at 12, just a bit unsure if it’s genuine or not!
  2. Haha cheers, it’s all down to Manticore(RIP) during a pre season trip to Germany a good few years ago.
  3. I’m looking at my points and they don’t add up correctly, anyone else in the same boat?
  4. We didn’t renew as we were getting another ticket but by fuck was it squeaky bum time this morning. Managed to get two in a row and one in the row in front in SE1. Bit lower than we would have liked but it’s a seat!
  5. This was put up an hour ago, think that’s todays training?
  6. I’m not sure on the exact time limit but it would roughly be around that I guess
  7. Basically 100 people drop into a map, search for loot and weapons and fight to the death while the play zone decreases in size so that people can’t just camp out a certain area. You can play in duos or squads also.
  8. Been playing this since it came out on Xbox, getting the hang of it, I’ve played a shit ton of Fortnite so was kinda prepared for it. just played a mad game there where my duos partner disconnected and left me on my own, managed to sneak a cheeky chicken dinner!
  9. Also what’s the latest on Dorrans?
  10. What’s the latest on Rossiter, no one say 7-10 days please....
  11. Haha does the steward who’s at the top of the stairs on the right start celebrating when we score?
  12. Someone said jack got asked to leave the field after Morton scored from a free kick but the ref hadn’t blown the whistle and Jack was sorting the wall, no idea how true this is like...
  13. Dougie Gary was brought up in the house across the road from me in Alford.
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