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Yogi's comments about Thomson


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Seems like Hughes thinks Thommo was right in saying what he did... We debated this and some thought Thomson should have kept his mouth shut.. others didn't. Anyway, interesting from Hughes.

Ex-Hibee Thomson's words didn't please many Easter Road fans with their heroes just five points behind but Hughes says it's the type of confidence he wants from his own dressing room.

He said: "It shows you the confidence Rangers have right now. It's the time of year when they have to put their foot on the gas and I go right back to Thomson's comments. They were fantastic.

"Everyone can knock that but I just wish someone was big and brave enough to stand up and say, 'We'll do that'.

"Those were sensible comments because that is the belief he has in himself and the trust and belief he has in his team-mates.

"He really believes that so what's wrong in saying it, standing back and being a winner?

"I'm a winner myself and look at Kevin and say, 'Good on you son'.

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