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Help needed - just arrived.....


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A large delivery van pulled up outside 'Bacon' Mansions just moments ago and the guy and his assistant started unloading what looked like several pallet-loads worth of stuff. They proceed towards our front door and knocked loudly.

So far we haven't responded as we weren't expecting any further Christmas gifts and by the look of things it could be a rather large and messy delivery.

My wife has sneaked a peek from behind the curtains and she can see a huge amount of boxes, crates and assorted cages, of various sizes.....she also claims to be hearing several types of music being played (pipe music, drums, etc) and on a couple of the containers she's seen the words "livestock - handle with care" stenciled on them.

I fear this could be one of those 'Twelve Days Of Christmas' wind-ups. :anguish:

Should I open the door and fill our home with various unwanted animal, vegetable and human flotsam and jetsam.....or pretend we're not at home? :sherlock:

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Is your surname MacDonald by any chance? Are you advanced in years?

If not they may have got the wrong address.


Two of the crates have fallen off the guys forklift and they've burst open on the road and there appears to be a bit of a feud ongoing with the two delivery guys, a group of milkmaids and about a dozen Lords who have taken to "leaping" over all the cars parked in our street.

I can also see what looks like a fruit tree sticking out of another large crate.

If I can identify the fruit in question I'll get back to you.

This could get rather troublesome......I fear a neighbour may call the Cops. :sherlock:

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