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Still 7 clear.


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First of all, the performance today was pretty atrocious but we got a point.

We were missing Bougherra, Miller, Mendes, Thomson, Beasley and Novo got injured as well. 3 of them at least would have been definite starters today and if that had been the case i think we could have won it.

Considerin we had a depleted team out there i think a point has to be viewed as a great result.

There wasnt many surprises today tho, I thought Lafferty, Whittaker, Broadfoot, Papac would all have bad games and they did. Especially Lafferty who was meant to be doing millers job. We missed miller today BIG time!

The sooner we get these injuries, suspensions, ACON out the way the better. But we played the 2nd best team in scotland today with a weak squad and got a result.

Thats why we're champions. :uk:

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