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F*ck The SFA!

The Hammer 11

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It's not the SFA's fault, they didn't decide... However when somebody like Murdo McLeod comes out and says Collum got it wrong, and the process is flawed... well you've got to agree.

I still find it absurd that you've got to ask the referee in question to reverse his decision, before it can go to higher body.

Aye, it really is absurd. Some of our rules, the size of our premier league & the split system we have at the end of the season, all contribute to making a mockery of Scottish football & making the game here appear even worse & more backwater/small-time than it actually is. Fixing all of these things would go a long way to helping improve the SPL's tv market value and income from TV & other media revenues, but our whole system appears to be run at the top level by a bunch of clowns that don't know their arse from their elbow. These people who've stagnated & contributed to the ruining of Scottish football should have been booted out on their arses without any pay-offs long ago. They've raped the game for long enough. The sad thing is that it's very very difficult to get rid of any, never mind all of the people that deserve P45's.

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