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Poor well-paid Robbie Keane can't win at Celtic


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By Brooks Peck

Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:41 am EDT

Before Celtic's 2-0 loss to Division One's Ross County in their Scottish Cup semifinal on Saturday, the club's on loan captain, Robbie Keane, made a few unwise statements. First, he admitted that he knew "nothing" about their opponents, then he evoked a plaintive solo from the world's tiniest violin with this gem:

"I've been in a lose-lose situation since I arrived at Celtic. Everyone goes on about how much money I'm getting paid.

"If I score they say, 'So he should when he's on £65,000 a week.'

"If I don't score they say, 'All that money and no goals.' "

So very sad. Though with 12 goals in 13 games, Keane has done his best to ensure "everyone" is making the former statement rather than the latter, I feel truly horrible for Robbie. I mean, here he is making £65,000 a week to play a super fun sport that he loves and has to endure the life-threatening hardship of having "everyone" belittle his contributions to the team no matter how many goals he scores. How does he soldier through such wicked attacks?

Now, in Keane's defense, he did handle the loss admirably, apologizing to angry fans who waited around after the match and signing autographs for kids, but still. Maybe next time he just should avoid speaking about anything to do with his wages or his knowledge of Scotland's smaller clubs.

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Thats right Robbie, you were going be the guy that turned the fortunes of RAceltic, the final piece of the jigsaw to wrestle the title back and the guy that was going to fill the Paedodome every week? All this for only £65,000 per week.

Hows it going Robbie ??

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