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Medal of Honour Multiplayer

Papa Sasac

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Anyone on here playing it, and what's your opinions on it?

I'm finally beginning to get better at the game, suppressed weapons really help out a lot, but I'm finding a lot of flaws in the game:

  • Freezing- it seems that every time someone signs in or out on your friends list, the game freezes for about 3 seconds, which is fairly annoying.
  • Snipers- by far my biggest gripe about this game. Because there are no killcams, it is easy for people to get the proper sniper scopes, sit at the back of the map and just pick folk off, with the enemy having no real idea of how they have died. I find this to be worst in the Combat Missions, where you have to attack or defend certain objectives. People just hang back and snipe. It's spawn, run a few seconds, dead, repeat process.
  • Explosives- grenades, grenade launchers and the RPG are all woeful in this game, and to no damage. I threw a grenade beside two guys yesterday, landed right at their toes and didn't get the kill. In fact, he killed me. Really need to be improved.

On COD, could find I could play for hours with my friends on it, as it was a fun game to play. MoH is just too frustrating and tactical. I want to play it, but it's little flaws are starting to put me off.

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I was playing this yesterday morning for a good few hours and really liked it. I was just in the random game choosing and thought the selection of games were great and there was alot more happening and alot faster.

The maps are alot better than the past 2 COD. I agree that it is easy to sit back and snipe but it is also not viable on all maps plus you can usually spot where they are. I was going to trade this in against black ops but am giving it a second thought now.

I have only played this game for about 5hours so not sure if it will get boring or not.

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I like the online play. It's not amazing but enjoyable and Team Assault is quite fun. The main positive is the lack of perks apart from the mortars or defensive options. I hate COD for the amount of perks and extras. Some Snipers are pretty good at evading and staying hidden but its the same in any game you play.

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