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The Muppet Show On Tour - Sectarianism Special Live At Holyrood, Edinburgh


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The Muppet Show On Tour - Sectarianism Special live at Holyrood, Edinburgh

This week and next week The Muppet Show Tour is live at Holyrood in Edinburgh with a Sectarianism Special entitled 'Offensive Behaviour in Football and Threatening Communications Bill'.

The next performance of the show is in the form of a debate and is scheduled for tomorrow at 2.55pm.

Animal will switch everyone to the debate with a drum solo beginning at 2.53pm.

That will be followed by an introduction of the topic of the proposed Bill and key discussion points by Kermit.

Miss Piggy is at the Zen Beauty Salon until 3.30pm, but has promised to speak at 3.45pm on behalf of her 'Fascism Over Common Sense' group which is heavily supporting the new legislation.

Miss Piggy's statement will be titled 'Sectarianism Revolution in the Republic of Scotland and the Rise of Glorious Fascism'.

After some debate on Miss Piggy's light hearted statement the session will then move onto a more serious tone when at 4.15pm Fozzie Bear and Rizzo the Rhat will reinact a sectarian bar fight while Statler and Waldorf laugh, cheer and throw green vegetables from the box.

This bar fight scene will vindicate Miss Piggy's Sectarianism Revolution and attempt to show that the proposed Bill should be passed.

At 4.30pm Gonzo will show how barriers can be broken and the great divide traversed by proposing marriage to Camilla the Chicken under the Holy Cross.

Then at 4.35pm The Swedish Chef will be demonstrating how to prepare your fish on a Friday with his first recipe idea being Blow Fish Sashimi.

At 4.45pm Kermit will round up the days proceedings with a summary and short debate aided by Scooter who will help him keep the peace and maintain order under the Holy Cross.

At 5.00pm Miss Piggy's 'Fascism Over Common Sense' group will invite all the other Muppets to join her and march on Govan.

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