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Got a nice wee horse tip here for any Gamblers,

15:10 HAYDOCK, 2 SEP 2011


15th run of the season

4 Wins

3 Places

It's predominantly a 6f horse and 2 of the 14 runs so far have been at 7f. So that takes it down to 12 Runs, 4 wins, 3 places.

Ran twice in Class 2 races and been nowhere near the pace

Finished 2nd in a class 3 earlier in the year

Dominated at Class 4,5,6. 6 Runs - 4 wins a 2nd and a 3rd.

For all 4 of Klynch's wins James P Sullivan has been riding and again today he shall take the ride.

Basically I have backed it all summer long and got it at 16/1 last week in a race at Hamilton in which he eventually finished 3rd, he led up until the final 100 yards, anyone who has been to or seen Hamilton's race course they will know at the end of the course there is a massive dip which often fucks up horses and jockeys and that is what it looks like happened to Klynch.

You're looking at 7/1, 8/1 in b365 just now.

Really good E/W price 1/4 for 3 places give you roughly 2/1 on E/W, mind you I can see it drifting mid morning, or for the win if you're feeling lucky/confident.

Oh yeah almost forgot, he's a Course and Distance winner previously.

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Stuck a tenner on it each way (tu)

Does this mean your stake was 10 quid or would it have been 5 quid? if you know what i mean? im not sure how it all works i bet a fiver on each way but my stake was a tenner!

Futhermore is anyone elses william hill acting funny ??

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