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  1. They were sent there for oil and wealth actually, everyone knows it! If they're so bothered about liberating people then i take it we're going to South Korea next to tear them a new arsehole?
  2. Your beloved forces in Iraq and Afghanastan will have bombed and killed thousands of kids too but thats alright if its in the name of the union
  3. I don't have much faith in them, i think if expectations are low they will actually do well though
  4. Hardly Thatcher was a Tory MP who fucked Scotland over as well as most the working class members of the country to benefit the wealthy, Mandella fought against an evil and racist regime that was killing and enslaving his own people he was hardly a cunt
  5. They usually do well at the world cup though, they are always tactically sound especially strong defensively and will have a flare player or two. I'm not sure what England were expecting if they're going to do well they're going to have to win tough games, they can get out this group most definitely
  6. I get the worrying feeling that Rangers fans will be the only set of supporters in the world who refuse do a minutes applause for one of the most iconic figures in recent history
  7. Well bring a banner to the stadium saying what you just said on it and see how you get on
  8. Are Costa Rica pish?? England could well be out before they even play them anyway They still have a chance of getting through and its about time they got a tough group, they managed to fuck it up in so called easy groups so you just never know
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