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  1. Yeah i know - its just if i were to delete them all then i would have no one left - i don't care about anyone else bar my self and my immediate family, girlfriend and about 2 friends in my real life but i can't seem to kick the habit of signing on Facebook to see what people i don't care about are up to - i don't know whats wrong with me!
  2. I am one annoying shared status away from deleting my FB its fucking murder so it is!! I think in 10 years time it will be no more
  3. I don't know why the word cunt needed to be on the display title
  4. I have been fanning about trying to find a film for ages now - when ever i put something on i will be able to sit through it and enjoy it but i always dither about before i find something!! Kinda like just now
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent film thats on netfilx for me to watch? got a few hours to kill
  6. I would too if I were Moyes, could be the sort of decision that bites you in the arse though and doubt Moyes will be making any controversial decisions just now. If he sold Rooney and bought in Mata as we said, an injury to RVP would be killer for utd as I cant see Wellblack or Hernandez scoring anywhere near as RVP. Can see Moyes playing it very cautious this season, if he doesn't make any rash signings or sell Rooney and they miss out on the league I think he will still have a chance there but a mistake like that proving costly and he will be hounded out. Think they should try land Di Maria
  7. Swap him for Rooney if they want Rooney that bad!!
  8. Unbelievable stats from Mata, why is he out of favour?!
  9. Think Bale would be better of at utd, I always expected him to go therer although I will probably be wrong. If Arsenal bout in Di Maria Ozil and Suarez then the laugh at Arsenal thread could be a mistake!!
  10. Cant see Utd forking out 85 million sheets somehow
  11. He will without doubt be the most watched player on the planet this season!
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