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HEARTS director Sergejus Fedotovas

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HEARTS director Sergejus Fedotovas claims Scottish football authorities should focus more on learning lessons from the Rangers crisis than punishing the club.

With administration-hit Rangers' future in doubt, a new Ibrox club could be forced to apply for membership of the SPL, whose clubs are due to vote on possible sanctions for 'newco' teams next Wednesday.

Rangers have also been hit with a 12-month transfer embargo by the SFA, which their administrators and prospective ownership group are reportedly considering challenging in the Court of Session.

Fedotovas, whose club's accounts this month showed debts of £24million, said: "Rangers' situation has shown certain problems and many clubs see punishing Rangers as the most important objective.

"Justice is very important, but lessons learned are more valuable.

"Rangers' situation has highlighted issues that are much wider and Scottish football should not be narrow-minded and should not put all focus on the punishment, but address the roots of the problem.

"Some problems are personal to individual clubs but there are a lot of systematic problems that should be addressed by acting together."

Fedotovas is the closest Hearts official to owner Vladimir Romanov but managing director David Southern usually represents the clubs at SPL meetings.

Wonder why they had been so quiet, they are probably next

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