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  1. 11 points dropped already hahahaha
  2. It ok Sturgeon gave the defence yesterday. "These things happen".
  3. Does Michael Stewart think this will be the issue that finally allows him to be selected for the SNP?
  4. He does it because its the tweets gets interactions on. Check his Rangers tweets v his non-Rangers tweets.
  5. The fact that Graham Spiers is still relevant in 2021 is incredible. Never has one man had so many bad takes.
  6. He really should have just stopped after “I struggle to understand”. Moron.
  7. if theres any opportunity to turn themselves into victims theyll take it
  8. Not sure he will be Mr Popular in the Daily Record break room come Monday.
  9. Like the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, it is something that they thought wouldn't affect them.
  10. Anyone following this account should stop doing so immediately and give it one star reviews online
  11. Were these not terms used that they went after Hoggy for also?
  12. The number of Rangers haters working at that rag is astounding
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