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  1. I'll probably end up watching the tournament but i really couldnt care less about Scotlands results.
  2. Bit rich coming from a government which doesn’t take responsibility for anything. When can we get strict liability on missed cancer appointments (which is in law), on moving thousands of patients with COVID into care homes or on declining education standards? And that doesn’t include any of the SNP MPs/MSPs who have acted in appropriately yet still find themselves on the gravy train.
  3. That may be the position for those working at the club but there’s something larger at play re independence and the fact that the Government know there’s no chance of a referendum.
  4. We’re seeing the culmination of many sporting, political and societal problems coming to a head because of Saturday. Sporting - we were not meant to win the league. 10 in a row was a given and we were supposed to be dead and buried. celtic fans can’t accept that and have to look for any little thing to try and make themselves feel better. Others like Patrick Harvie dismiss it as “only a football game”. No it’s a celebration of a 10 year journey from our clubs darkest days, working from the bottom to get back on top. We took our medicine and some humiliations on the way and it was a day f
  5. Probably seething ever since the twitter admin took the cunt out him over the Gerrard announcement
  6. The process of Ulsterization/Balkanisation is well underway.
  7. From the people who brought us “Lee Wallace is a grass” they don’t half love tagging Sturgeon, Humza, etc in their tweets 🤣🤣
  8. Goldson for me but i could easily have picked Tav, Shagger, Davis or Kent.
  9. Not too sure what other options they were looking at it but it seems to me like they are going for him to appease the fans since he was the name they wanted before season tickets go out. I wonder whether their fans will give him a season or two to get his own players in and learn about Scottish football.
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