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  1. What’s with all the Rangers fans phoning up?
  2. They only played livi on Saturday. Not sure two days is enough of an incubation period to have caused a positive test.
  3. He plays devils advocate so well and gets all the nutters, i.e. Gerry, on strings
  4. hahahahahaha this is all part of the giant conspiracy that’s been against celtic since the start of time
  5. Gordon is excellent at his job
  6. They also have two games coming up against an in-form Livi team. Self-isolations for large parts of the squad could be devastating.
  7. Oh wow I’m a colts fan but that looked a fumble to me there.
  8. Fuck off Graham Selling Glen Kamara to bring in Lewis Ferguson morelos for shankland
  9. “League given to Rangers.” Fuck off Anne, Rangers have earned the 19 point gap.
  10. They didn’t want to change personnel because they felt they could win it hahahahhaha they were fucked after 45 minutes.
  11. Funny how narratives are created. Alex Rae going on with the 60 minute story. No shots on target from 20 minutes onwards doesn’t fit that for me. Rangers poor going forward but the defence had celtic where they wanted them.
  12. A treble to be proud of: Betfred Cup - won by an offside goal League - awarded via Zoom Scottish Cup - won in a different season with different squads and rules than the other games in the competition
  13. Craig Gordon is going to be the hero here isn’t he? Hahahahaha
  14. Extra-time is exactly what we want when there games every few days now
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