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  1. Coupled with the fact that in this next lot of fixtures all of our tougher games are at home: Aberdeen, Hibs, celtic, Livingston, Motherwell and only Killie away where we have struggled, it really is an ideal chance for us to put on some real pressure.
  2. He can keep comments like this up. Deflects entirely from his wee pals shortcomings.
  3. If the SNP are desperate I could see them trying to help them as a potential vote winner. Both sleekit fucks
  4. Great to see Alex Smith getting back on the field today!
  5. Pretty sure FIFAs rules are if you have a squad of 13 you have to play so there’s no way this is getting called off.
  6. Mind blowing that teams in the bottom half of the league voted for it.
  7. there will be an article from him blasting celebrations when we win our next trophy or 55. cunt is clearly miserable and doesn’t deserve the attention he craves.
  8. Games will be tough but it could have been a lot worse. Benfica will be the toughest but I thought that about Villarreal and Porto in the past. Definitely in with a chance of finishing in top 2
  9. You would be fairly confident at finishing second with any of those teams from Pot 2 apart from Leicester. Ideal draw for me would be Gent, Rapid and Dundalk.
  10. Did you see the blatant penalty he missed for St Mirren yesterday?
  11. Gerrards comments were piss poor. Maybe acceptable if this was Clancys first fuck up but it’s a consistent series of blatant decisions and will continue.
  12. Rangers need to call that cunt out after the game. Its every fuckin game with him. don’t speak and he’ll be in the middle against the scum
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