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It's A Glasgow Rangers Story - Charity Update

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A quick update for those those who have bought the book.

I was down at the Linburn Centre this morning presenting them with £250, latest proceeds from the book.


The Linburn Centre in West Lothian helps to rehabilitate the men and women who have lost their sight in the service of their country, our country. They provide help and guidance through arts and crafts, sports and exercise, and basic social and living skills ... Just imagine how hard it is to safely boil a kettle and make a cup of tea when you cant see the kettle.


£550 has now been split between the Rangers Charity Foundation and the Scottish War Blinded. Further donations, either in cash or book donations, have been given to the Fernando Ricksen MND appeal, RSEA, The British Heart Foundation and The Founders Trail.

It's my intention now to contribute the proceeds of any further sales to some local charities in West Lothian.

Thanks to all who have bought a copy and helped the good causes.


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Well done Duncan!

Erskine Park Home also send their thanks for their copy of the book which you donated for their Sporting Memories Programme. (tu)

I know you donated it ages ago, but I only delivered it to them last month. :D

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