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Going watching some English League Two Football tonight


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People give lower league football a bad name, I certainly have and have watched many a crap game at Spotland in my youth. My flatmate is a Dale fan and we were going over passed players and stuff, and there has been some good players to have graced the field there.

Rochdale are my 2nd team behind Rangers, and I'm hoping for a win tonight another 5 points and they are in the playoffs.

Theres been quite abit of talk about how good Dale have played this season, attractive ball on the floor passing football. With Keith Hill poaching alot of Ex City and United youth players, which is good to see.

They are the longest serving club in league 2 they got promoted from there in 67 to be relegated on 68 and a bit of success this season is something this town in greater manchester needs.

This season is the centenary and are playing in black and white colours the original colours back in 1907. they usually play in the shade blue as the mighty :rangers:

im looking forward to it cos i havent been since i started uni, and im in my 3rd out of 4th year of uni.

i'll report on the match later, see if the standard has truly risen!!

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So I went.

Dale notched a comftable 3-0 win over a poor Barnet side.

Let me tell you, I was shocked this is the best football I have seen at this level by Rochdale I have ever seen, they dont hoof it, and play the ball to the wings on the floor, one touch passing, uts all there it was really exciting stuff.

The only problem they had was if you stopped the wingers and the full backs you stopped the game, the centre mids should of been more dominant, They clearly had the ability to.

3 names to watch out for in the future, David Perkins class act box to box midfielder that got stuck in, Chris Dagnall eye for the goal, and Tom Kennedy most of the play went through him and he was at left back.

The standard of football was great from Rochdale and ok from Barnet. The only problem with the lower leagues is a) the attendence of the game was jus under 3,000 with Barnet bringing no more than 50 b0 the standard of refs was worse than the SPL (lol) and c) pitch wasnt great

The pluses was great to be standing on a terrace (the banter was hilarious), entertaining game of football and last but not least 3 points in the bag for dale

All this said though, give me the gers any day of the week, the most important game is tomorra eh?

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