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Dick Advocaat

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Even Dick has it right on the offical web that we have been shafted , still we fight on regardless , he says also that he tried to talk about youth development to the SPL in his time with Rangers but they didnt want to know .

He says people in Europe will now regard scottish competion as mickey mouse , as we know he is right.

He says also Rinus michel the world famous coach tried a few years ago to impart decent info to the SPL just to be blank

Fookin mickey mouse aint the word , well big up to Mr Advocaat for supporting us , lets hope at sometime soon some of these fookin blazers running our game fall on there swords and the game is run by football people for the good of football


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Being a footy fan for only a few years Advocaat was before my time. The guy clealy speak with class though, I agree with everything he's said in the last week.

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