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New Midfielders - where are they?


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after watching our midfield last season I thought the it would be the main area we would strengthen but up till now we have signed / resigned 3 x central defenders and 2 strikers

I am hoping from this that we have decided on signing quality midfielders

I cannot believe that our management team are happy with the midfield cover we have , so therefore the big signings have to be midfielders who have a cutting edge ,

I am hopeful we sign them soon

But who will they be ?

We have been linked with , Brown , Maloney and Davis , or will Walter look abroad

I do not care where they are from as long as they are quality

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Hopefully they will arrive. The players mentioned above are not quite good enough and that includes Barry. 4m for Davis is a joke.

3 central defenders?

Weir, Daily and Webster - yes well hopefully still to sign a class CH too.

A good fullback as well.

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Look around at other teams activity in the transfer market so far, you'll find it's pretty limited. The serious business hasn't even started yet.

At least 1 quality midfielder will arrive in the next 2-and-a-bit months I'm sure, along with an attacking LB. Not so sure we'll see another CH tho. Methinks Webster is "it" in that department, but I hope I'm wrong.

Oh for the ability to read Walters mind at the moment! :rolleyes:

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Good sake there is still another 10 odd weeks of the window left :rolleyes:

If Walter went out and signed 3 midfielders next week and then signed nothing for the rest of the window I can gaurantee we would have numerous topics anbout the lack of activity come early August.

its only a question , thats what you do on forums , keep calm there are 10 more weeks of this


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Maybe we are doing things in threes

This week, 3 strikers

Newt week, sell McGregor, Cuellar and Thomson

Following week, sign 3 midfielders

not too keen on this part of the post

3 quality midfielders would be good

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